Release 3.13: API, Indeed and more

We would like to inform you that Thursday, June 29th Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.13. This is a minor release in which mainly includes improvements and bugfixes which relate to the previous release. We will be deploying the new application release between 8PM and 11PM. The application will remain available during this release. 

This release includes the following improvements and bugfixes:





We've expanded the capabilities of our API. Up until now the only option it offered was for you to import employees. From now on, more options are available:

Importing candidates

We've made it possible to import candidates. This could be used by website developers to create their own application forms. On the other hand, we've also created the possibility to build your own forms within our application. When you choose to make use of this, the website developer should only integrate it on your website. The pro's of this candidate API are:

  • You can manage your own application forms.
  • The lay-out of application forms can be custom-made for your organisation.
  • You can fully manage your own automatic e-mails.
  • Better security of your data due to better authentication.

Vacancy XML

We've added a new and improved vacancy XML, which we publish through our API with a new technique behind it. This new technique makes it possible to handle more requests more often, and even hand it back to you faster as well.



Search functionality

On the top-left of the menu there's a search functionality which is now improved. It now searches on combinations of words, single words, double words or even parts of words. The search only consults the context of the tab you're working in.


New rules

The following rules for anonymisation are added to the module:

  • Only/no persons with contacts within the last {value} days.
    With this rule you can include or exclude people who you haven't had any contact with in a certain period.
  • Everybody who's open applications are more then {value} days old on one or more filled vacancies.
    With this rule you can anonimyse candidates who's applications are still opened, but the vacancies aren't.


Configured anonymisation rules are now accessible to read for superusers

In Management at Settings for anonymisation you can now see which values are set for the configured rules. For example when there's a value set for things like Talentpools or an amount of days.

Modiciations of candidate information

With the add-on module Data-update service a candidate is able to edit his information through the candidate portal. These modifications are now visible within the application, at the candidate page, section Modifications.



Indeed module

With this release comes the module to set up a coupling with Indeed. This coupling offers all public, external postings of vacancies to Indeed. Indeed is refreshed with our data every two hours, which makes this coupling more accurate compared to when the postings get on Indeed without a coupling. When someone clicks the application link on the Indeed-website, he or she will be directed to your own vacancy page. The link for this page is editable in the Connexys application at Management, Settings for Indeed.

An extra option for this module is Indeed-apply. With this a candidate can apply with his or her Indeed-account. We'll gladly help you set this up.

Final reviews configurable for manager portal

The final reviews, which are visible at the proposals in the manager portal are now configurable. In Management you can set if a final review should be shown at:

  • A positive review (green thumb)
  • A negative review (red thumb)
  • Both reviews


AFAS-coupling: Sending hired candidates with a foreign address. 

With the module Hire, it is now possible to send a hired candidate to AFAS who have a foreign address.


The following issues have been resolved:

  • The merge items {userinformation.usermobile) and {userinformation.userphone} were wrongly merged but now show the correct phone number again.
  • The merge item {recipient.emailaddress} at the template type Jobalert now shows the correct e-mailaddres instead of the username of the recipient.
  • The merge item {vacancyname} at the template type Vacancy is now filled when you use it in conjunction with the signal Closing date vacancy.
  • Candidates selected in the Anonymization with data-update service are now shown a text telling them when they already have a portal account.
  • With the module Anonymisation an employee no longer has the possiblity to anonymise his or her portal account.
  • With the module Anonymisation, matches are no longer made to merge candidates together who are alike.
  • Candidates who anonymise themselves in the candidate portal, now also end all their Jobalert applications.
  • Translations which are entered for fields at the posting-texts are now shown correctly again.
  • With the module HTML-mail it was possible to get an error saying there were too many characters while there weren't. We fixed this.
  • When an employee entered an application through an external application form, an error occured when you tried to open the candidate page. This can no longer occur.
  • The use of symbols like Î’Î±Ï in documents of candidates used to give errors when trying to preview these documents. From now on we're also supporting these symbols.