Release 3.13.1: Fixes

On Thursday August 17th, release 3.13.1 will go live. The release will start around 20:00 and will take approximately 23:00. The application will remain available during release. This release contains the following enhancements and new features:
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Release 3.13.1 is a release which mostly consists of fixes, but also contains several changes.

1. API

We received some feedback on the API which we enhanced in Release 3.13, with this feedback we’ve made the API even better. The following changes have been made:

  • Fields that make a candidate unique are now required on the javascript form.
  • Free fields on the javascript form, type of email, are now validated for the validity of the email address.
  • It is now also possible to send documents via the API with a registration. Previously, it was only possible to send documents with candidates.

2. Anonimization

Anonimization remains an expanding module. While implementing we gain more and more insight on how to make this module ideally useful to all our customers. So for this module we’ve also added some changes:

  • When a candidate is given the option to retain his data within the candidate portal, he can now get a link to the privacy statement so that he can read it before accepting or declining it. This link is configurable per script at the anonymization settings.
  • An additional anonymization rule has been added, which allows you to include or exclude candidates when they have enrolled in a vacancy for a selected organizational unit. This way, you can create various anonymization scripts by organizational unit, and thus by country. This allows you to send e-mails in various languages.
  • An additional anonymization rule has been added, allowing you to include or exclude candidates who may or may not have "blocked" status.
  • Changes in the candidate file, such as when a candidate updates his / her data in the portal, along with an e-mail about an anonymity announcement, are now displayed on the candidate file.

Below is an overview of all the rules that we now have available within our Anonimization-module:


3. Translations

We have made some improvements for the translations. For example, Flemish users will now see the Dutch language instead of the English language. However, you will need to enter the translations for the master data in Flemish yourself.
In addition, we’ve changed ‘assumption’ to ‘onboarding’.

4. Data shielding

Shielding master data has always been a lot of work. You chose a master's degree (for example, the HBO level), and then you chose an organizational unit that may use it. You then press the save button.
After that, you chose the same rule, and chose the following organizational unit. Save again, etc.

Although this is often a one-off exercise, we found that this took up too much time. Therefore, it is now possible to shield master data groupwise.

Now you choose an organizational unit, then the main event type (e.g., education level), after which you can shield the master data found at one time for that organizational component. Particularly for the more complex organizational structures, this new functionality is a good asset.


5. Portals

In the coming months, we will focus on developing our portals. We’ve already made a start in this release, with the following changes:

  • Manager portal users can now be created via the application (groupwise). Also, users can be changed via Management.
  • The employee portal did not show homework assignments for 'my unfinished tasks only'. This is solved.
  • Enrollment on Jobalerts via the candidate portal has been made more user-friendly. Previously you created a Jobalert and then you had to navigate to the criteria to make a choice. If you did not do this, you were registered for all criteria. Now it's changed so that when you sign up, you're taken straight to the criteria screen.

6. Security

We’ve heightened our checks when uploading malicious files. This makes the application even better protected against attacks.

7. Couplings

We have added a setting to the AFAS setting screen. This allows you to specify based on which AFAS standard you want to make your candidates unique. This can prevent candidates from getting double records in AFAS, but the data will instead be added to the already existing record.

When you send an advertisement to a Jobboard, but you do not have credits anymore, you will get a Jobboard error and have to call Support so we can fix it. Now you get to see the delete button yourself, after which you can try again.

8. E-mail

The same standard documents and / or questionnaires can now be sent more than once per 24 hours.

Password reset e-mails (on production) are now sent immediately, instead of once every 5 minutes.

There is an additional merge item, the ID of the ad, added as part of the forwarding of vacancies. This allows you to build the URL yourself so that the one to whom it is forwarded can open the ad with just one click.

9. Other

Next to the changes and fixes mentioned above, we've also worked on the following:

  • When you customize field names in the event file, they are now displayed correctly.
  • Additional validation has been added to the 'Min Hours' and 'Max Hours' fields when making an offer.
  • The field Location is expanded, allowing more characters to be entered.
  • If you do not have permission to create memos, you will no longer see the item ‘Create memo’ in the action menu.
  • All workflows that you have rights to are now available as Dashboard-items.
  • It is now possible to send signals to Recruiters and Assistant Recruiters.
  • Within the Flipbase settings, you can now specify how long a recording may take.
  • With Onboarding, "Enter manually" is now set under an adjustable permission.
  • Without Onboarding, when you generate a Workflow, you will not automatically get the "Start hire" step as a logical step after the "Conversation" status.


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    Richard de Witt

    Due to a bug we've found in our last test-runs, we've decided to postpone the release for a week, resulting in a release date of the 17th of August.