Release 3.13.2: Fixes

The release 3.13.2 will go live on Thursday 9 November 2017. The roll-out of this release starts around 20:30 hours and lasts approximately until 23:30 hours. The application remains available during the release. 


In this management release we have solved a number of bugs and also implemented some changes.

1. Automatic scrolling in Google Chrome

Since the latest update of Google Chrome, automatic scrolling was no longer possible. We have implemented a fix for this.

2. API

Based on feedback from customers, we further improved the API. The following changes and additions have been made:

  • The vacancy API contains a number of new information. The complete list can be consulted in the API documentation.

The master data within the /jwt/masterdata-endpoint are supplemented with the following data:

  • Function groups (API name: Functiongroup)
  • Regions (API name: Region)
  • Years of experience (API name: Yearsexperience)

This is also included in the API environment documentation.

3. Javascript form

Within the management of the Javascript form, we have made a number of additions and changes.

  • The master data below have been made available:
    • Organization component
    • Region
    • Education level
    • Function group
    • Contract type
  • Master data is now also filtered, so that only active data is shown.
  • The field' Fixed text' has been made available.
  • General layout improvements within the Javascript form.

Note: If an organization (unit) is set to inactive, all the underlying units are also not shown in the form.

4. Onboarding process

The following changes were made to the onboarding process, as a result of feedback from our customers:

  • The IBAN number of a candidate is automatically put in capital letters.
  • The check on the IBAN number is now performed correctly.
  • If a candidate can be sent to AFAS, the "Send to AFAS" button will now also be displayed if the candidate already has an AFAS ID.

5. Other

In addition to the above fixes and changes, a number of additional changes have been made:

  • The password reset mail and password reset page for application users, will now be displayed correctly in the user's language (Dutch, English, French, German, or Spanish). Users with a language that is not supported are reverted to the English version.
  • In the case of an uncompleted mobile application (registration does not have the status 'current'), a candidate is no longer automatically proposed.
  • In response to feedback from customers, we have made the endpoint workflow analytics configurable. You can now determine where the analytics data is sent to.
  • Social profiles are now also included in the anonymization of a candidate.
  • Within the candidate portal, an external candidate can only register for external job alerts.