Workflow Analytics module

The Workflow Analytics module provides the ability to send workflow registration status to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).




   - The measurement
   - Workflow
   - Maintenance and management
         - Meaning


The Workflow Analytics module was developed from the need to realise a complete measurement so that the 'cost per hire' can be measured in Google Analytics. In addition, campaign measurements and campaign data can be visualised even better. The end result is complete measurability of recruitment channels in Google Analytics, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

A goal could be: "Gain more insight into the quality of applications for scarce positions, so that branding and performance, campaigns and budget can be targeted more effectively."

The Workflow Analytics module ensures that every step taken in the workflow is sent to Google Analytics (GA4). In GA4, you can see and measure what happens with the candidate registration.

Sending the data to GA4 happens in the background. A user of the application is not inconvenienced by this. The sent data can be viewed by the owner of the customer's Google Anlaytics account.


Through your account manager, you can request the Workflow Analytics module. When the module is implemented, we go through the following steps.

  • Together with a Google Analytics expert (third party) hired by the customer and a Bullhorn consultant, the setup is fine-tuned. The GA4 expert provides the Post-Request.
  • The set-up of the module is set up and supervised by the consultant on the acceptance environment.
      • the customer together with the consultant takes care of testing in the acceptance environment
      • the Google Analytics expert tests/verifies and processes the received data in Google Analytics
      • the consultant takes care of any adjustments to the workflow
  • after approval of the set-up on the acceptance environment, the set-up/configuration is transferred to the production environment.


The Workflow Analytics module ensures that every step taken in the workflow is sent to Google Analytics (GA4).

The data is collected in Google Analytics 4. In the FastForward application, nothing changes for the users. However, it is important to complete the workflow steps in the application so that data is sent to GA4. 

The measurement

The measurement in GA4 starts when the candidate visits the website or when the candidate manually enters the application. Depending on the setup, the following data is sent to Google Analytics, for example:

  • Registration ID
  • Last workflow status of the registration (every status change is transmitted to GA4)
  • Date and time of the last saved status at registration
  • ID of the vacancy and title of the vacancy
  • Status of the registration (current, rejected, unsubscribed, hired, in file)

This is an example of the data as sent to GA4 based on the Post-Request.

{"client_id":"1ABC123-1234-4CBA-1A23-1X23456X78X9", "events": [{ "name": "hire", "params" : {"engagement_time_msec":"100",
"session_id":"54321 - Nieuw",
"ff_workflow_status":"Nieuw - 03-07-2023+12%3A08",
"ff_job_id": "12345",
"ff_job_title": "Test+Medewerker",
"ff_job_function": "Tester",
"ff_job_functiongroup": "Overige",
"ff_application_status": "Lopend",
"ff_application_signup_date": "03-07-2023",
"ff_application_signoff_date": "",
"ff_application_rejection_date": "",
"ff_application_publication": "",
"ff_application_portfolio_date": ""} }] }


All workflows in use can be measured, such as the workflow for Application on job and Open applications. 

If necessary, a separate workflow can be set up for the Workflow Analytics Module which only contains the desired components. 

This is an example of a standard workflow and the worfklow steps.

Maintenance and management

The Workflow Analytics module can be found in the Management tab under the heading "Interfaces" and can be viewed and adjusted at the Workflow analytics settings. Initial setup is always done under the guidance of a consultant.


Meaning input fields

Tracking code

This is the unique measurement ID (G-ABC32EFGH1) of the client's Google Analytics 4 account.

Google Analytics Api Secret

An Api Secret is generated by the client/third party in the Google Analytics UI and entered here. This ensures a secure connection to the client's GA4 account.


The selected language determines the language in which the workflow data is sent to GA4.

Google-Analytics ClientID automatic creation if empty?

A clientID is needed to provide a unique value to GA4 for the registration. It is not automatically generated if the registration is manually entered into the application. The value at this field is set to Yes so that a unique ID is generated for manually entered candidates/registrations.

Workflow analytics url

Data is sent to GA4 via this url. This is always


In the Workflows section, the workflows that are applicable can be selected.

NOTE: Are you going to use a new workflow whose registrations should also be measured in Analytics? Then add the new workflow in this admin screen.

POST body

The POST body contains the data you want to receive in GA4. With merge items, the Post body can be set up. The Post body is often provided by a client partner who handles Google Analytics. This is an example of a Post body.

Once you are done with the setup, it can be saved. From the moment of saving, the link is active and from the next status change in (one of) the workflow(s) the data is passed on to Google Analytics.

NOTE: It is not possible to retroactively submit data to Google Analytics.