Outage - FastForward Application

Due to a technical outage, our production environment has been unavailable since 9.20 PM CET, December 27th 2023.

This outage affects the following components:

All application functionalities in the production environment. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The recruitment application
  • The Mobility application
  • The Manager Portal
  • The Candidate Portal
  • The API
  • XML feeds
  • Application forms

What is going on?

Due to a technical disruption, the Production environment is unavailable.

What can you notice about this?

The Connexys application Fastforward is unavailable. It is also not possible to apply for jobs. We are working on this with the highest priority.


For questions about this incident, you can send an email to support@connexys.com. For all updates, please subscribe to this article. 


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    Dominique de Knecht

    Update 27-12 23:17: The application is completely available and functional.