Match candidates to vacancies

Quickly match a candidate to your vacancy? You can do that by

  1. clicking on Match candidates in the action menu of the vacancy file.

  2. The 'Search candidates' tab opens. A number of characteristics of the vacancy are copied and directly matched to the current candidates in the database.

  3. You refine this search by removing irrelevant items, such as 'FULLTEXT' and duplicate values. Remove them from the search by clicking on the icon with the red circle with dash. mceclip2.png
    The search result will immediately match the query in the grey bar.
  4. Via the Match icon Match.png , you can see how well a candidate fits the vacancy. When the cursor is placed on this icon, the criteria on which the match was successful are shown.

The following steps are optional

  1. When the best candidate has been found for the vacancy, an registration can be created directly from the Job Search tab. Click the arrow Details.pngfor all options.
  2. Choose the Register option to subscribe the candidate directly to the selected vacancy. The application will take as much information as possible to complete the registration quickly.
  3. Don't forget to send the candidate a message that they have been registered for a vacancy. This can be done by creating a new contact.