Adding a room or location to your interview

When scheduling an interview via the 'Plan interview' step, a location can be added. This can be an office location or a conference room.


For the recruiter

A recruiter can add an interview location when planning an interview. Click the arrow to display a drop-down list with multiple options. Choosing a location will automatically fill the Location field with the address details.

If the dropdown menu is empty, the recruiter can manually enter a Location in the text field.


Step plan interview.PNG


This location can be filled with a merge item in a standard templase, so that the email to be sent automatically shows the details of the Location.


Interview confirmation_location.PNG


For the Manager Portal user

If the interview module is active, the Manager Portal user can view the location of the interview at the interview section.



For the administrator

Via Manage > Interview Locations, you can enter different locations where an interview can take place. Enter the address details here and you can use the merge functionality to send someone an invitation including the location where the candidate can go to.