Getting to know the lay-out

The Fast Forward application is designed with a fixed format. Getting used to the application will be a breeze. This article is about the format and it's setup. The application consist out of 3 main parts. 

Main menu

Let start with the main menu. This menu is located at the top of the application and will always be there. In every tab or screen, the main menu will stay. It contains all the available tabs and options like the Settings (Change password, Setup e-mail signature, disclaimer and more). You can also find the Community (where you are now) and the logout button there. Just right of the logo you may find the module you are working with. In most cases Connexys Recruitment or Connexys Mobility. 


Fast Forward works with tabs. These tabs hold specific parts of information, stored in your database. Tabs like the Dashboard, Candidates or Proposals can be found in the main menu. On both the left and right side of the tabs you can find an arrow pointing down. Clicking on this arrow reveals the others tabs. Opening a tab is a simply click of the left mousebutton. 

Each tab can be recognized by it's own color and icon. All tabs are build with a fixed format in mind. 

  • Each Tab gives 'Advanced Search' with auto suggest function, drop down lists and calendars. 
  • Each Tab will show a overview of search results or all results in your database. 
  • By selecting items you are able to export the selected information to Excel.
  • You may create a new file couple with the opened tab
  • You decided the amount of information shown in the tab. 


On the left side of the screen you will find the current working environment. This module determent the set of tab you will see. When you have access to multiple environments, this is the place to be when you wish to swap. The application will reload to show the selected environment.

Action menu

On the left side of the screen you will find Search, Actions, Talentpools and Recently Viewed. Not using one of the menu's? Click on the name and it will minimize. Each menu has it's own traits and will be explained below. 


Easy and fast search. Its located at the top of the Action menu. All types of files are searchable from this location. Select the needed icon and start the search for the needed file. 


The action menu will adept itself to the main menu you have selected. If visiting vacancies, all types of vacancy related actions will be shown. When opening a candidate file, the action menu will automatically show the most relevant steps for that candidate. When the step is already registered for the candidate, it will no longer be shown.

Recently viewed

All viewed items, files, contacts or management items are shown in the Recently viewed. Recently Viewed also remembers recent searches in tabs like vacancies or workflow. for example, if you open the tab Workflow from Recently viewed, the application will open the workflow with the search options you had selected. This way, you can work even faster with the workflow. 


The Talentpool menu shows all talentpools made by you or those how are publicly available. Creating a new talentpool is as easy as drag and drop. Pick up the candidates from the workflow or candidate tab and drop them in the new talentpool dropzone. Making a talentpool favorite makes it easier to find, it will be shown at the top. 

Main screen

The content of the files is shown in the main menu. It's located in the center of the screen. The main menu shows the most information. 

Now you know the lay-out of the application. The next lessons are about creating a vacancy, creating a candidate file or added the first steps.