Single Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on (in short SSO) allows you to login once and granted automatic access to all other systems and applications used by your company. 

Connexys also offers SSO. This means you only have to login to your company network, and you may use Connexys. Both accounts are linked to the company security servers. Creating a shortcut on the desktop or task bar allows direct access to Connexys, without the hassle of having to login again. 

30+ Options

SSO comes in many shapes and sizes. In the example above ADFS, your Windows account, is used. There is 30+ certificates options available. From the most commonly used to the extremely secure options. 


As user of Connexys you no longer have to login. It is a very pleasant way of working with the applications and systems you need on a daily basis. SSO will save you time and increases productivity. You no longer have the hassle of remembers hard passwords, getting new passwords or logging in all the applications. 

Safety & Security

We will create a safe working environment together with the system administrator and security officer from your company. The company network will grant Connexys users access to Connexys, by tell the Connexys application who logged in. This way we will never get access to your company network. Many of these techniques are used in online banking and online payment methods. 

How to order SSO? 

You may always contact your Connexys Account manager or get in touch with the Customer Support about SSO. Depending on the requested method we will conduct an inquiry together with the local system administrators. Based on this inquiry, an offer is made. 

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