Planning an interview

When a candidate is deemed suitable for the position an interview may be planned. In some situations more then one interview is needed. The application offers multiple categories of interviews, every type can be registered. The candidate and the colleagues doing the interview can be notified via email.

Enter an interview

Entering an interview may be done on multiple places in the application. All starting points result in the same interview planning menu. Entering a step may be done at the following places:

  • From the Workflow
  • From the Candidate file
  • From the Registration file
  • From the Vacancy file

Enter an interview from the candidate file

Entering an interview from the candidate file is done as follows.

1. Open the candidate file for the candidate that needs an interview invite.

2. There is two ways to start planning an interview from the candidate file

Option 1: Scroll down to the section 'Steps' and click on 'New'.

Option 2: Click inside the Action menu on 'Plan interview'. This option is only available for candidates currently in the Workflow. Rejected candidates will not have this option available.

3. Option 1 and 2 lead to the same interview menu. Fill in the fields to plan the interview.


Enter the date of the interview. The input of this field may be changes, even after planning the interview. The European date note is used, also for American users. Like selecting the date from an agenda view? Select the icon and select a date from the overview.


The location for the time. With the 2 sliders its easy to select the right time, also on tablets or phones.


This is a free text field. The location where the interview is held may be entered here. The location may also be included in the invitation email for the candidate and interviewers.


The reason of the interview is registered for reports, administration reasons and more advanced workflows. By adding a reason to the interview, more advanced workflows may sort the candidates more easily and grant more overview of the process. Also reporting on the amount of interview reasons becomes much easier.


Type allows for the selection of the recruiter, hiringmanager or both at the interview. By selecting the right contact person, the interview will be shown in this user's dashboard.


One more free text field that can hold the names of the interviewers present at the interview. The field may also be included in emails send to the candidate or contact persons present at the interview.


If there is any information missing, you may enter it here. This information will not be shared with candidates. It will only be shown to users inside the application.


After the interview is done, you may upload the report here. Planning after the interviews? Upload the report here in a flash.

Optional: Selection Committee Members

Only available with the module Selection Committee, this field allows you to invite the members of the selection committee to the interview.

4. Click on 'Save and communicate (candidate) to communicate the interview date and info with the candidate. Did you already do this and you wish to inform the manager? The steps are exactly the same.

5. The communication with the candidate will start. Select the right standard document and HTML profile. In most cases there are decent standard documents present to inform the candidate about all the basic information required for the planned interview. Be sure to check the interview details!

6. Click on 'Send'. The interview invitation will be send to the candidate. 

Communication with the hiring manager

When a manager is invited for an interview, be sure to send the details over. This situation only works with interviews with the Type 'Hiring manager' or 'Both' selected. The following steps are used to inform the hiring manager:

  1. Go to the candidate file with the planned interview
  2. Scroll to the section 'Steps'
  3. Select the right interview by clicking on the date
  4. Click on 'Save and communicate (manager)
  5. The communication can now be send to the manager. Select in the screen the right standard document and HTML profile.
  6. Check the details of the interview
  7. Click on 'Send'. The interview is now also send to the hiring manager.

Optional: If the contact wishes to receive vCalendars, he/she will receive a interview invitation in the e-mail which can be saved in a digital calendar.