The application is designed around steps. This way all candidates will have the same process. The step Review is often one of the first steps done for a candidate. Reviewing a candidate gives the recruiter the opportunity to register a professional evaluation about the candidate. This review may also be send with a proposal to the hiring manager(s). This gives some more information to the hiring manager to work with.

Enter a review

Enter a review can be done on multiple places in the application. All starting points will result in the same review menu. Enter the review may be done at the following places:

  • From the Workflow
  • From the candidate file
  • From the registration file

Entering a review is done as following. We start in the Workflow with this example.

  1. Choose a candidate to enter the review
  2. Click on 'Enter step'
  3. Choose the option 'Review'
  4. Fill out the review screen.
  5. Click on 'Save'
  6. The review is now saved in the candidate file. The Workflow will prepare the candidate in the next step, in most cases propose to a hiring manager.

Explanation of the fields

There are several fields on the review menu. In most cases only the date and evaluation fields are mandatory. A superuser may change this. The other fields are used for additional information or to redirect the workflow process.

Final review

The final review is a final evaluation used to redirect the workflow process. The Workflow can place candidates with a final review in a specific bin. For example, all candidates with the final review 'reject' may be collected in the bin 'To be rejected candidates'.

Note! A standard workflow does not use this specialized bin.


In some situation the review has been done by a colleague. In this case the field reviewer may be filled with the name of that colleague.


Sometimes the number isn't enough and it needs some more explaining. The memo gives room for this explanation and is also send over to the hiring manager when the candidate is proposed.