Announcing new merge functionality

After a successful design, testing and pilot phase we have delivered a completely new functionality that will replace the old merge items completely. The new merge items are not visible to users. Enabling this new functionality will be done on request of the customer, not on the initiative of Connexys.

Why new merge items? 

We have changed the merge items in this version because the old ones are not working properly any more. The application has more fields these days, and those fields could not be merged into the contact moments. The new merge items are more clean and clear on what they will show inside the text. Also the general overview of the available merge items has had a major overhaul making it more easy to use and introducing a click-and-use system. 

What's new? 

The following has been added or changed with the new merge items: 

  • The number of merge items has been increased to 426. Almost every single field in the application may be merged. 
  • Merge items are now shown in a overview, with search option
  • Every merge items has a description. This will show what the merge item will merge and how it will be shown. Especially handy with the many name options. 
  • The application will check and show if the merge items will work within the document. (Green for Good / Red for not working!) 
  • The Preview will help you create the perfect document. It allows you to check and see a real time example of the created or edited document. 

Getting started with the new merge items

Of course we would love to see you getting started with the new merge items. There is a couple of ways we can help you getting started. 

Manual & video

Currently the manual and video are only available in Dutch. We are working on an English version. The new merge items are already available in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Full care plan
For customers who prefer not to change their standard documents themselves, it is possible to go for the 'Full Care plan'. An employee of Connexys will adjust all the documents for you. You will receive an overview of all existing documents. Based on this, you can determine which documents need to be adjusted or maybe removed. With this information, we will make a quotation. The costs of the Full Care plan depend on the number of documents that need adjusting. We use a standard hourly fee of €125,-. 

Requesting the new merge items
The new merge functionality is activated on request. You may specify a preferred date when the functionality will be activated. Requesting the new merge functionality may be done by calling Customer Support (+31 10 498 0988) or by creating a ticket