Disruption 24 October & Delay release

On October 24th, we experienced a short disruption in the Fast Forward application. This error made it impossible for user to log in and continue working. This error started around 14:37 CEST and was immediately noticed by monitoring systems and employees. They responced immediately to reduce the distruption to an absolute mimimum. All users were automatically logged out by the application.

At 15:07 the application was fully available again.


At this time, we are still investigating to determine the exact cause of this disruption. As soon we know more, we will share this with you. Currently, there is a strong suspicion that the login servers were in conflict with each other. The mutual communication is turned off so the problem can no longer occur. The exact cause is still under investigation.

Delay release

Because of the disruption, the release has been moved to monday November 4th. This has been done to investigate the disturbance and work on a permanent fix. The contents of the release will remain the same. All details about the release can be found in the Community.