Web service


This article is outdated, read the new article here.


The Web service is a functionality Connexys offers to all her customers. A couple of Personel Administration System suppliers are connected to Connexys in this way. Other systems and applications are welcome to join this list of suppliers. This article is written to give a clear view about the functions of the web service. 

You can reach our web service via the following addresses: 

The web service exists of 4 functions: 

  • PutOrganisationUnit
  • PutPositions
  • PutSalariyLevels
  • GetHiredCandidates

The first three functions can be used to import information into Connexys. The last option, GetHiredCandidates, retrieve information from Connexys. All four functions are further explained below. A more technical description of the web service can be found in the WSDL of the web service. 

Put in General

For every message, the same rule is applied. The message will be compared with the previously send message. This will happen on a CRC-check base. When the messages are exactly the same, the process will not start. 

When the incoming messages are too large and the processing of the message will take too long, a time-out message will be given back. 

When a value is received in a previous message, and no longer appears in a new message, this value will be deactivated in the Connexys application. Because of this, every entity entered most be delivered with a external ID. When the external ID is not received in a next message, the entity will be deactivated in the Connexys application. 


This method most be used to send organizations and contact persons to Connexys. Contact persons most have an unique e-mail address to be accepted by the web service.

Use the IsUser-attribute if a contact person also needs a user profile in the Connexys application. If the IsUser is present, the contact person will be able to log into Connexys. While creating a user for the contact person the right User profile most be chosen also. 

When the contact person already exists in Connexys, this existing user will be used and updated. The unique key to identify contact persons is Last name, preferred name, initials, contact type, organization and function. 

Organizations most also be unique when used on the same level. For example, you may not create two top-units with exactly the same names. Organizations that already exist, also before the use of a web service, will be merged with the organizations received via the web service. This only happens when the name is identical. 


At this time the web service doesn't have any signals or e-mail notifications build-in.


This function can be called with a date from and date till. Within this period the function returns all the candidates that have accepted a contract or job offer. 

Attention! This function will not focus on the 'start date' within the contract. 

There is a couple of examples attached to this article. 

  • 1 example message for questioning the web service (input.xml)
  • 1 example message for the result (output.xml)
  • 1 example message for the result including questionnaires and answers (output met questionnaire.xml) 

All these files are at the bottom of this article. 

Personnel Administration System

A Personnel Administration System will take care of the data that will be send to and received from Connexys. The hired candidates will be inserted into the enlistment workflow. This workflow can differ per organization. 

Procedure receiving the Web service

Currently there are two starting points to start using the web service 

  1. When the application is first used and the Connexys Consultant is on location
  2. Any other time after starting to use the application 

In this last case there will be a conversion requirement for contact persons, organizations, functions and salary levels. Connexys has the required tooling to successfully do these conversions. Every conversion will be reported within an Excel overview. The choices made within the conversion itself will be made the application owner, not Connexys. Connexys will convert all the required information based on the received Excel. This will first be done on the Acceptation environment. Only after formal approval will this conversion be executed on the production environment.