Send email on behalf of your own domain

Send email on behalf of your own domain

The Connexys application sends many e-mails on a daily basis to candidates and contact persons. All these emails are sent from a Connexys email address that is associated with the user.

For example: This can also be your own email address now. We now offer the possibility to send e-mail messages from your own email address, without the intervention of the Connexys email address.

The benefits:

  • All the candidates receive e-mails with your own email address and not a connexys e-mail address.
  • All email replies come directly in your mailbox and do not have to wait for the Connexys e-mail servers.

This new functionality requires a small change on the server (s).


This functionality can be activated for free. Connexys Customer support will make the necessary changes.

Please advise your technical administrator about this change. You can use the steps below:

- Inform your technical administrator. You can send the technical instruction below (execute this first)

- Request the functionality 'Email from organization" at Connexys Customer Support

- You can do this by phone, or registering a ticket by sending an e-mail to

- Connexys Customer Support executes the functionality as soon as step one is ready. We will let you know when the changes are done.

- After completion the email messages are sent with your own email address

This functionality does not ensure that the email traffic sent from the Connexys application is routed to Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other email client.

This functionality offers you to send e-mail messages from one email client domain

Technical instruction

Activating this feature requires an adjustment on your DNS server using the SPF protocol. This IP-address needs to be added to the DNS-servers. IP-adress

Adding this IP address gives the Connexys e-mail servers permission to send email messages from your own email domain. This permission comes from your own administration and can be withdrawn at any time. If the permission is withdrawn please inform Connexys Customer Support.

Future Changes

Connexys implements the e-mail addresses once. Future changes like a new email domain is a change request (costing)