Improvements login page

When it comes to data security, we are only satisfied with the absolute best. We are constantly working to meet the latest security standards. To ensure the safety of Fast Forward, we carry out regular checks. During these checks, potential security hazards are identified and resolved.

A recent audit showed that the method of saving the combination of company name, username and password is no longer considered the most safe option. Therefore we decided to replace this method. This means the login page will change. The check boxes to remember the company name, username and password will disappear. The login page will no longer remember these details. 

What does it mean for me? 
Once the change is implemented the login page will forget your login details. This means that you must remember and fill in the login details before logging in.

But.. I often forget my login details..
We also forget our login details from time to time. The login page will still send you a new password, even after the change. This new password will be send within 5 minutes. Often these newly created passwords are difficult to remember. Changing it is really simple. Once you are logged in, go to the menu 'Settings' in the top right and choose 'Change password'. 

Save on your own PC
In many organizations it is possible to store the login details in the browser. The browser will ask you, just after loggin in, if the details most be remembered. Use the button 'Remember me' to help the browser ask you the question.

However, this functionality is not activated in all organizations. Check this with the local IT department. We will notify you on time when we implement the new security changes. 

Different look
The appearance of the login page will also change. Below is an example of the new login page. 

For any questions about this change, you can always contact Customer Support at +31 10 4980 988 or send us an e-mail at