Release 3.3

We are pleased to inform you about the version 3.3. This version will be released on Monday February 10th. Around 20:00 (CET) the technical crew will start with the deployment. We are expecting no down-time or disruption in service because of this release. The following is fixed or new in this release: 


1.1 New candidate views available in the candidate and vacancy files.

The candidate and vacancy files consist of many fields that may hold information. Because of this large amount of field, you may have to scroll a lot without finding a lot of information. To create a more usable file, we have added 3 views to the files: 

1. Show all field. Every single field will be shown, just like before
2. Show only relevant field. Only fields with information will be shown. Empty fields are not displayed. 
3. Show summary. Only the fields that you choose will be shown. 

The option 'Summary' gives you the possibility to select the fields you want to see. This setup only counts for you and not your co-users. 

1.2 User type adjustments

You may now added the user type within Management and the contactperson file. This creates the possibility to give recruiters a different role. (Say, Hiring manager) Before you needed to created a new user for that specific recruiter. That's no longer required. It is now also possible to add multiple roles to one single user.  


2.1 General
2.1.1 Indication of time added.  

Several parts of the application now also show the time next to the date. The date stamp was already present. This stamp now also shows the time of the action. For example, the time will be shown at steps taken, contact registered or registrations received. By showing the time a more detailed overview will be created when steps were taken or registrations were received from external parties like brokers. 

2.1.2 Module vs Environment

With the application we know 2 kinds of modules: Modules and Tabs, creating a different working space within the application, but also modules as a new function with new rights and roles within the application. This created confusion for users and the support staff alike. 

To separate these 2 kinds of modules we have renamed one of them. The new name for Modules and Tabs will become 'Environment'. Because of it's ability to create a new working space for users.

Examples of the normal modules are: Questionnaires, Data-restriction or Single Sign-on (SS0). Examples of the newly named Environments are 'Mobility', Recruitment and Standard. 

3 Fixes
3.1.1 Lay-out buttons at Memo text, Contacts

The lay-out button next to the field 'Memo' was no longer visible within the browser Internet Explorer 8. This is now resolved. The button will show itself again. 

(The Dutch Releasenotes are attached for those wanted to print them. The English version is only available here)