Release 3.3.2

We would like to inform you that Wednesday, 9 April Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.3.4. We will start with the deployment around 6PM (CEST). The application will remain available during this release. 



1.1 Periods for responses to proposals can be set manually

A lot of our users have spoken about the desire to set and adjust the response period for proposals manually. This feature is now available for all users (with administrator rights) in the upcoming release. The period for proposals determines how many days the information of the registrations is visible on the proposal page, for hiring managers or committee members. A new screen has been added for this feature, which can be found on the page Management> configuration and is named ‘Periods for responses to suggestion’.

1.1.1 Period proposal available

The period of a proposal can now be adjusted with a minimum of 30 days and up to a maximum of 120 days. The default setting is 30 days.

1.1.2 Response period proposal

The response period of a proposal, when you’re awaiting a reply from the person you’veproposed candidates to, can be set manually with a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 30 days. The default setting is 7 days. This setting is used to send signals and is already filled out during candidate proposals.

1.1.3 Response period proposal

The period in which you’re awaiting a reply from the person you’ve proposed candidates to, can be set manually with a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 30 days. If no value is selected, the default setting is 7 days. This period is used to send signals and is already filled out during candidate proposals.

1.1.4 Autosuggest

The option to turn autosuggest on or off has been enabled on this page. If you activate this setting (select ‘Yes’), it is possible to enable autosuggest per vacancy. The option autosuggest then appears on the vacancy detail page. Select this option on the vacancy page so that new candidates will be automatically suggested to the respective hiring manager.

1.2 PDF Download

With this release it’s possible to merge candidate documents in a group action to one PDF-
document, which can be downloaded. It is now possible to merge various documents of large amounts of candidates (500+) to one single document with only one action. The merging of documents can also be done during other (group) actions.

1.2.1 Possibilities PDF Download

PDF downloading, or merging candidate documents, can be done on many different pages in the application:

  • On the Vacancies page
  • On the Candidates page
  • In a candidate file
  • On the Registrations page
  • On the Proposals page
  • In the Workflow
  • In a talent pool

All the available documents in a candidate file can be selected during the merging process. The documents of different candidates will be separated from each other by a blank page. The created PDF file can then be saved onto your PC, be send by e-mail to a contact or be printed. 

1.2.2 PDF download on the proposals page

PDF download is also available on the proposals page. The documents of a proposed candidate can be merged into one file. It’s not possible to merge the documents of allcandidates at once on this page. 

1.3 Connection with FAD-register

It is possible to make a connection between the application and the Fraud Register for Retail (Waarschuwingsregister Fraude Aanpak Detailhandel (FAD)). This register allows connected stores to check if a candidate has a fraudulent past with another connected store. The application sends all hired candidates to the FAD and if a candidate appears in the registry, the FAD will contact the appointed contact person within your organisation. This connection can only be made if your company is a member of the FAD. Also, the connection is only available for companies in The Netherlands.

Are you interested in this connection? Please contact your account manager or Customer Support.

1.4 Fast Forward available in French

The Fast Forward application is now fully available in French. Administrators are now able to set the language per user on the Management page/users.


2 Improvements


2.1 Issues with logging in

Some users had to insert their log in data several times before being able to access the application. We modified the log in screen on a technical level so that the issue no longer arises.


2.2 Advert text editor (WYSIWYG-editor)

There is a new version of the editor available in the application. Advert texts can be created and edited in this editor. The previous version of the editor didn’t perform as it should in all (supported) browsers. If text from a webpage or MS Word with a special lay-out was copied into the editor, it wasn’t possible for a user to remove the lay-out in the editor. The new version of the editor has a button which removes the lay-out of the copied text. This makes it possible to remove any special lay-out after pasting a text into the editor.

2.3 English merge items for names have been improved

The following English merge items have been added or modified:

  • Surname – Has been changed from ‘surname’ or ‘family name’ to ‘Last name’
  • Surname – is now ‘Preferred name‘
  • First names – has been added and is called ‘First names‘
  • Prefix - has been changed from ‘surname prefix’ to ‘Last name prefix’

2.4 Inactive organisation unit types still visible

When selecting an organisation unit type during the creation or modification of a vacancy, it was possible to select inactive unit types. The inactive unit types were suggested by the autosuggest field. We have now changed this, so that inactive unit types aren’t shown anymore in the autosuggest field.

2.5 Field ‘Contact person type’

The contact person type ‘General’ was automatically selected during the creation of a new contact person. This has been changed to avoid confusion and no type is preselected from now on when creating a new contact person.


3 Solutions


3.1 Exporting columns from the Proposal page

When you export certain proposed candidates to Excel from the Proposal page, the information in the ‘Registrations’ column wasn’t displayed correctly. This has been changed allowing the correct information (the vacancy name) to be shown in this column.

3.2 Merge item displaying the wrong organisation unit

The following merge items didn’t always show the correct information:

  • {user information.user_organisation_unit_level_1}
  • {user information.user_organisation_unit_level_2}
  • {user information.user_organisation_unit_level_3}

This has been modified to make sure the merge items display the correct organisation unit that has been recorded in the contact person information.