Release 3.3.3

We would like to inform you that Thursday, June 19th Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.3.3. We will start with the deployment around 6PM (CEST). The application will remain available during this release. The following new features, fixes and changes will be carried out:



In this release, in addition to the usual changes and improvements, we will implement a new feature: Merging candidates. This is a feature many customers voted for in the Community. Another new feature in this release is: ‘Document preview’

1.1 Merging candidates

The feature ‘Merging candidates’ allows you to merge candidates who are double entered in the application into one candidate file. With this feature all the data such as documents, contacts en workflow-steps will be combined in the merged file.

Automatically all candidates will be compared with each other. When there’s a match, you will get a notification on top of the candidate file.

There’s also a new button added to the candidate file: Merge. This gives you the possibility to merge a candidate manually. More information about this new feature can be found in the Zendesk article ‘Merging candidates’.

1.2 Document preview

Document preview makes it easier to read various candidate documents on your screen and gives you the option to make memos in these documents. The memos will be registered in the candidate file en can be read by other users. Check the video for a preview.


2        Improvements

There are several improvements made in the Fast Forward application.

2.1  Merge items in English

In this release there are several improvements and adjustments made in the English merge items.

2.1.1 Salutation
The following merge items did not work properly and have been adjusted:

  • {candidate.name_salutation_dear} now results in: Dear Ms or Mr (depending on the gender of the candidate).
  • {candidate.Mr_or_Mrs} now results in: Mr or Mrs (depending on the gender of the candidate).

2.1.2 Date
The merge item [day_date] gave a misspelling of the month May in the English translation. This has been adjusted.

2.1.3 Responsable recruiter
The following merge items gave no result. This problem has now been solved:

  • {responsable_recruiter.works_at_company_division.name_division}
  • {responsable_recruiter.name_complete_informal}
  • {responsable_recruiter.job name}
  • {responsable_recruiter.working_data_e-mail}

 2.2  Name field ‘Date proposal’ proposal screen modified

On the nomination screen there is a possibility to filter on ‘date of nomination’. The expectation was raised that if you filter on a date, you only see the nominations of the relevant date. This is not the case. To make this more clear to the user we’ve changed the field name to ‘Date nomination from'.


2.3 Proposal displays inactive reaction possibility 

When a user responded to a proposal via the application, inactive reaction possibilities were displayed. This is no longer possible.

2.4 Obligated to offer questionnaire
When both the modules ‘Questionnaire’ and ‘hiring questionnaire’ were activated, an extra mandatory field turned up at the step ‘hiring’ to connect the questionnaire to the offer. This was a mandatory field which couldn’t be adjusted. By adding the function ‘fields adjustment’ we created the options: ‘mandatory’, ‘display when changed’ and ‘display at create’.

2.5 New layout login page 

The login screen of the application,, has a new design. Important notifications/messages and useful information can be displayed on the login screen.

3        Solutions

In this release, we provide solutions to a number of incidents that users have experienced.

3.1 Appendix does not appear at all the candidates in group-action
In a group-action, for example inviting candidates for an interview, it occurred that an attached file wasn’t registered in all candidate files. The appendix was sent to the candidate, but afterwards this was no longer visible in all candidate files. This will no longer occur.

3.2 Search for jobs on a specific date from
You received no result when performing a search request on a date from. This is now fixed.