Resolved: Merge items with dates are displayed in incorrect format

Update - Resolved: This incident has been resolved for all clients. Clients that have reported this incident are notified by e-mail. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We’ve received reports that date merge items are displayed incorrectly. This incident only applies to the new merge items. These new merge items can be recognized by the accolades → {date}. This issue is under our attention and our Developers are working hard on the solution. We’ll announce updates about when the issue will be solved as soon as we know more.

The incident

When a merge item with a date is used in a contact (e.g. an e-mail), the date is displayed incorrectly: 2014-08-18T00:00:00.000+02:00. The display of the merge item is incorrect, although the displayed date is correct. Examples of merge items where this issue currently arises:

  • {date}
  • {answer_return_on}
  • {date_employment_starts}
  • {vacancy.closing date}


The cause of this incident is not known yet and is currently being researched by our Developers.


Merge items that only merge a date are displayed incorrectly. Combined merge items, like {day_date} (which for example shows: Tuesday August 12),are displayed correctly.


It is possible to check if the incident applies to the merge items you are using. To do so, go to the Management page and open a document template in which a date merge item is used. When you notice one of the earlier mentioned date merge items, you can check these by clicking on edit and view a Preview of the document.

Work-around Group actions

We advise you to temporarily stop using the date merge items for group actions and insert the date manually in the documents. The date merge item can also be replaced by the date that’s supposed to be displayed. This action can be done when a group action is being carried out.