Disruption Connexys website 22 September

On September 22th, we experienced a disruption in the Fast Forward application. This error made it impossible for user to log in and continue working. This error started around 15:00 CEST and was immediately noticed by monitoring systems and employees. They responced immediately to reduce the distruption to an absolute mimimum. All users were automatically logged out by the application.

At 17:25 the application was fully available again.


The disruption was caused by an unexpected fully-filled application memory. We've expanded the memory immediately after the disruption was fixed, so that this won't happen again. We'll also increase the monitoring on this.

Take notice: The www-servers weren't affected by the disruption. Registrations kept coming in through the website(s) and e-mails/signals that had to be sent from the application, have been sent.
Take notice: The disruption unfortunately lead to the reporting tool not being updated.