October 2nd - Incident after release 3.3.4: the display of document templates in Management

Yesterday evening (October 1st) we deployed release 3.3.4. An incident took place during the deployment of the release, which resulted in an issue with the Document Templates page in Management. After extensive research we can confirm that no issues occur with contacts that will be send from the application.

Our Development department is currently working hard on a solution. Updates about when the issue will be fixed will be announced in this article, as soon as we know more.

The incident
When viewing and previewing document templates on the Management page of the Document Templates, these documents are not displayed correctly.
With the use of old merge items, the merge items are not shown in the view or preview. The old merge items are visible after opening the edit page of the document template. Old merge items can be recognized by the use of these characters  <DATE>.
The preview option does not work at all with the old merge items, so that incident is only applicable to the new merge items, where the option normally does work.

When you are using new merge items, the correct lay out is not shown when previewing the document. These new merge items can be recognized by the use of accolades {date}.

When both the old and new merge items are used in the same document, then all merge items are displayed correctly on the detail page of the document template.
The contacts that will be send from the application are displayed correctly when the receiver views the message.

The cause of the incident is not known at this time and is currently being investigated by our Development department.