Announcement: End of life support IE7 and IE8

We would like to inform you that Connexys will no longer offer support on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE7) and 8.0 (IE8) from January 1st 2015 onward. You receive this e-mail because you are a superuser or user of our Connexys application, or because there are users within your organization that have logged on to the application in IE7 or IE8.

What will change?
Microsoft has announced that their assistance on IE7 and IE8 will end in January 2015. After our first release in 2015, certain functionalities might no longer work in these browsers. Bugs or performance issues that only occur in IE7 and IE8, will not be investigated or fixed by Connexys after our first 2015 release.

Why do we end the support on IE7 and IE8?
This decision is based on three main reasons:

  • IE7 and IE8 are less secure. Throughout the years multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in the security of these browsers. In the context of that security we think it is not responsible to support an unreliable product.
  • IE7 and IE8 are not compatible with HTML5. HTML5 is the new standard in our sector, supports mobile devices, does not rely on add-ons and offers a better experience for our users. This is the technology we invest in for the development of current and future functionalities.
  • Microsoft will end their support on IE7 and IE8 in January 2015. For more information about the plans of Microsoft, please visit their website. There will no longer be security updates for IE7 and IE8, which will significantly increase the risks in using these browsers.

What action can I take?
Through this e-mail we strongly recommend you, as superuser or administrator of your organization, to upgrade to one of the following browsers before January 1st 2015:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 9,10 and 11
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

What happens if I don’t take action?
In this case you can still access our application in IE7 and IE8, although several functionalities could possibly not work properly. Furthermore, bugs and issues that only occur in IE7 and IE8 will no longer be investigated and fixed by Connexys after the first 2015 release. New releases will also not be tested in IE7 and IE8.

How can I get more information?
Connexys Support is always available for questions you might have regarding these changes. We can be contacted us telephone number 010 – 49 80 988 or via e-mail: