Customer Satisfaction Survey Q4 2014

Hereby we present the results of the customer satisfaction survey Q4 2014. This survey is conducted quarterly and specifically deals with the valuation of our support department. At the end of 2013 we aimed for 2014 to put more effort in customer satisfaction. Being Proactive in our conversations, thinking through the solutions and product improvement are the keywords in these. If we look at the figures, we can tentatively conclude that this is working.


The survey was sent to 187 contacts from various client organizations. In total we received 34 responses, response rate of 18,2%.Compared to the last survey, the number of responses was a little higher this time. 


In the results, we see that we are higher appreciated on the points friendliness, helpfulness and expertise. Our customer-focused approach is paying off and that is an achievement to be proud of. Naturally, we stay critical and we will use the survey results to improve our services continually.

In June 2015, you will receive a comprehensive study which also asks for your opinion about our other divisions

If you have any questions regarding this report, you can contact Leon van Noort, Manager Service Delivery.