Release 3.4

We would like to inform you that Thursday, 20 November Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.4. We will start with the deployment around 6PM (CET). The application will remain available during this release. 

1. New

In this release we provide several new functionalities, along with the usual improvements and solutions. The new functionalities will be described below.

1.1 Page Search vacancies

With this release a new page has been added to the application; Search vacancies. This page entails several new functionalities. 

1.1.1 Matching: from the candidate and vacancy

An option has been added to the candidate file in the actions list; Match vacancies. When clicking on this option, the new page Search vacancies will open. On this page, several registered candidate attributes are being matched immediately with open vacancies. This search can be refined by using multiple filters.


1.1.2 Sharing (and matching) vacancies

Candidates can now also be matched on the Search page with external vacancies posted by other organizations working with Connexys Fast Forward. Internal vacancies will obviously not be visible in this overview. For every publication channel, you can specify on the Management page who can have access to the vacancies from this channel. The choices are: everyone, internal organisation or not public.

1.2 Flipbase

Flipbase is a new option which provides the possibility for candidates to present themselves in a video, with a maximum of 30 seconds, by using their webcam. Flipbase can be used in several stages of the recruitment process:

  •  As part of the apply form.
  • On invitation, in a second selection round.
  • To enrich the candidate profile.


You can decide for yourself where or when during the recruitment process you would like to use Flipbase. It is also possible to set the video option on mandatory or optional.

Would you like to know more about this option? Please contact your account manager.

1.3 Shotcuts 

We have created shortcuts in the application for users who prefer to use the keyboard in stead of the mouse. The list of shortcuts can be found by using the character: ‘?’ (the combination shift+?). The shortcuts can be used on every page.

1.4 Search on graduation period

A new search option has been added, namely Graduation period. The graduation period that is registered in a candidate file can now be selected in the tag cloud.

1.5 Document preview possible on the pages Workflow and Registrations

The CV and letter preview possibility has now also been added to the Workflow and Registrations page. This results in even more efficiency when screening the candidate documents.

2 Improvements

2.1 Search candidate
Several items in searching for candidates have been improved:

2.1.1 Search on education level from CV and candidate attributes

The education level of a candidate can be registered in the CV and/or in the candidate attributes. It is now possible to filter candidates on both items.

2.1.2 Search on multiple education subjects of a candidate

It is now possible to search on multiple educations and education subjects of a candidate on the Candidates page.

2.2 Search option Date of birth extended

With the option to search on date of birth of a candidate it was possible to search on al birth dates before 1970 and then in clusters of 5 years. This has now been extended so that it’s possible to filter on birth dates before 1950 and then on birth dates in clusters of 5 years.

2.3 Search on deactivated items

It is now possible to search on master data that has been deactivated (and is no longer visible in the application). These items didn’t appear in search results and couldn’t be used as a filter, until now.

2.4 AFAS connection
Several items in the AFAS connection have been improved:

2.4.1 Summary document

The following items have been adjusted in the summary document:

  • The characters \r\n at the end of every line have been removed.
  • The item ‘Hired per’ has been changed to: ‘Start working on’.
  • The display of the date has been changed to: dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Vacancy ID/URL and Candidate ID/URL are now included in the document.

2.4.2 Processing of diacritics improved

Candidate names that contained diacritics (characters on top of letters like accents, diaeresis) previously generated errors. This has now been solved.

2.4.3 Multiple characteristics per document type

The AFAS connection for hired candidates could only display one characteristic per document. This has been adjusted so that every document type can now display 3 characteristics.

2.5 Time notation added for contacts

Time notation is now also available for contacts in a contact person file. It was previously only possible to note a date.

2.6 Management screens visible in ‘Recently viewed’

Several management screens weren’t shown in ‘recently viewed’. This has been changed and these items will now be showed. The following management screens are showed (if present in the application):

  • AFAS profit webservice client
  • AFAS profit webservice client logs
  • Webservice
  • Webservice import feedback
  • Webservice logs

2.7 Validation on date fields adjusted in questionnaires

The validation (or control) of date fields in questionnaires has been adjusted. This change makes sure that only dates are accepted with the following notation: DD-MM-YYYY.

2.8 HTML-tokens in attachment of document template

It is possible to add attachments containing merge items to document templates. When a lay out was added to the attached document (like bold or italic text), HTML-tokens would appear in the document after processing. An adjustment makes sure that these tokens will not be shown anymore. It is still not possible to add lay out to these attachments.

2.9 Webservice
The following improvements have been made to the Webservice:

2.9.1 Explanation contract type added to Webservice message

In the Webservice for hired candidates the field that contains the explanation of the contract type has been added.

2.9.2 knEmployee extended with external code of the organisation unit

knEmployee has been extended with the external_code of the organization unit of the vacancy the candidate was hired for.

3   Solutions

Several incidents our users experienced have been solved with this release.

3.1 Search in LinkedIn and Facebook profiles

Searching for candidates via LinkedIn and Facebook on the Search page is possible again. This was temporarily not possible due to an adjustment in the connection with Google. The connection has been restored after consultation with Google.

3.2 dashboard item removed

The technical processing behind the dashboard item didn’t work correctly which resulted in incorrect data. The technique behind this specific dashboard item doesn’t provide the possibility to show the correct data. We have subsequently decided to remove the dashboard item completely from the application.

3.3 Search page not available in other languages

The Search page sometimes generated error notifications on English versions of the application. This made it impossible to use the functionality. The problem has now been solved; also for German and French users.

3.4 Highest education and most recent work experience on proposal screen

The highest education and most recent work experience of the candidate are showed on the proposal screen. In some cases not the highest education was being displayed, but the lowest education. It also sometimes didn’t show the most recent work experience. This has now been solved.

3.5 Missing icons on dashboard in IE11

In the browser Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) the icons in the items on the dashboard weren’t visible in some cases. This has now been fixed.

3.6 Searching on deactivated items

Deactivated master data didn’t appear in search results and couldn’t be used as a filter. This has now been fixed.