We would like to inform you that on Thursday February the 12th, Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release We will start with the deployment around 6PM (CET). The application will remain available during this release.

In this release, in addition to the usual fixes and improvements, the following fixes and changes will be carried out:


1 New

In this release we provide a new functionality, along with the usual improvements and solutions. The new functionality will be described below.

1.1 Universal Analytics
Preparations have been made in this release for a functionality with which registration data can be shared with Universal Analytics. This makes it possible to have more insight in the registration process of the candidate and to measure the cost-per-hire. It will also be possible to map the results of marketing campaigns with even more detail. More information about this functionality will follow.

2 Improvements

2.1 Special characters are shown incorrect on the Search page
Special characters like Þ, ó, á, é, ë, etc. were shown incorrect on the Search page, which resulted in unreadable candidate names. This has now been fixed.

2.2 New Workflow item added: questionnaire
A new item, questionnaire, can be added to the Workflow. This allows the Workflow to display the following statuses:

  • Questionnaire sent to candidate
  • Questionnaire completed by candidate

2.3 Mobility: registration status and reason for end of program registration
Fields have been added to show the status of a program registration. In addition, it’s also possible to enter reasons as to why a program has been ended and on which date. These reasons can be edited on the Management page. This information has also been made available in the 'herplaatsingsdossier'.

2.4 New registration mail manageable through document templates
It is now possible to manage the content of a ‘new registration mail’ in the linked document template. This was previously only possible with a Custom change request.

3 Solutions

In this release we offer solutions for several incidents our users have experienced.

3.1 Data recruiter filled out in hiring manager field
The data of the recruiter was being filled out in the fields which should contain the name and email address of the hiring manager. This has now been changed, so the right data is shown in the appropriate fields.

3.2 After merging candidate the Talentpool mark disappears
A talentpool registration of a candidate wasn’t saved when merging two candidates. This has now been solved and the talentpool registration of the original as well as of the merged candidate are now being saved.

3.3 Response to proposal can’t be saved
The response to a proposal couldn’t be saved in a certain situation. When changing the date on the proposal screen, an incident was caused which resulted in the response not being able to be saved. This has been fixed.
Therefore, it’s not possible anymore to set a proposal in the future.

3.3 Unsubscribing to job alert failed with a special character in email address
When a + character was available in an email address, it was not possible to unsubscribe to a job alert. This has now been fixed.