Pre-announcement release 3.5.1

We would like to inform you that Saturday, March the 28th Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.5.1. We will start with the deployment at around 6AM and will last until approximately 2PM (CET). We expect that the application will not be available during this release for approximately 8 hours.

Impact Release

  • Downtime of 8 hours
  • Application not available
  • Applying is not possible using Connexys application forms
  • Career sites provided by Connexys are online, applications not possible

Downtime of 8 hours
The downtime of 8 hours is required to perform upgrades on the database. These upgrades will provide a safer and faster application. During these 8 hours the application will not be available and job applications are not possible.

We have made several preparations to make the deployement of release 3.5.1 as smoothly as possible. The development team has completed the deployment of this release on our acceptance environment. This resulted in a decrease of the downtime to a maximum of 8 hours.

Application not available
The application is not available during the release. Therefore it's not possible to log into the application. 

Applying not possible
During the downtime applying on vacancies is not possible. Candidates will be notified that the application is currently unavailable and asked to try again at a later time. Career sites developed by Connexys can be visited, but applying on a vacancy is not possible. 

We recommend that, if possible, to inform your candidates about the temporary unavailability of the application forms. The exact changes to the application will be communicated at a later time through the release notes.

Do you have any questions about this release? Please leave a ticket here, sent us an email at or contact us by phone at +31 10 498 0988