Release 3.5.1

We would like to inform you that Saturday, March the 28th Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.5.1. We will start with the deployment at around 6AM and will last until approximately 2PM (CET). We expect that the application will not be available during this release for approximately 8 hours.

In this release, in addition to the usual fixes and improvements, the following fixes and changes will be carried out:


1 New

In this release we provide several new functionalities, along with the usual improvements and solutions. The new functionalities will be described below.

1.1 Upgrade database
This release contains an upgrade of our database, on which the application, websites and forms run. The upgrade improves the security and performance.


1.2 Data protection available for Mobility
It is now possible to activate and set up data protection for the Mobility work environment. Employees, program registrations, tasks and contacts with employees can be shielded.
There are three options in setting data protection:

  • Shielding based on organisation

Data can be shielded based on the organisation/division a user is linked to.

  • Shielding based on ownership

The user that is logged in can only see employees if he or she is the career advisor linked to one or more programs that employee is registered for.

  • Employee file visible for all users

It is also possible to make an employee visible for all users (with the correct profile). When data protection is active, an employee can be made more visible with this option to increase the chance another career advisor finds the employee (vacancy matching).

2 Improvements

In this release we offer solutions voor the following issues.


2.1 Display start date gradution period
The start date of gradution periods was displayed incorrect, namely as 2015-03-23T00:00:00.000+06:00. This has been changed and is now displayed as 23-3-2015.

2.2 Display of ‘fill all fields’ button in German version
The ‘fill all fields’ button (showed during the creation of an advert text) wasn’t displayed correctly in the German version. The display of this button is improved.

2.3 Error message when saving and communicating proposal
The button for creating contacts was always showed when saving and communicating a proposal, even if a user didn’t have the right to create contacts. The button for creating contacts is now only showed when a user has sufficient rights.

2.4 Translations management pages AFAS
Englis translations have been added to the management pages of the AFAS webservice.

2.5 Improvements Textkernel - CV extraction
Our supplier Textkernel made several improvements to the CV extraction functionality:

  • Improvements Dutch and English CV parsers

Additional improvements have been made to the Dutch and English CV parsers. The extraction of locations containing more than one word (like ‘Den Helder’) has been improved for the Dutch parser. Additionally, the extraction of names has also been improved. The extraction of Indian phone numbers is improved for the English parser.

  • Improvement German CV parsing

New technology increases the robustness of the German CV parser and improves the extraction of education and experience items (like job title and company name)

  • New: Hungarian CV parsing

Hungarian CV’s can now also be extracted correctly. The information in Hungarian CV’s is filled out in the corresponding fields.


2.5 Option ‘enter employee’ added to action menu
The option to add an employee has now been added to the action menu. This option is only visible for users with a ‘career advisor’ profile.

2.6 Tool tips added to items for creating task
Tasks can be added to programs in Management. Tool tips have been added to the screen where a task is created or edited in a program. The tool tips explain the fields that need to be filled out.

2.7 Deeplink from dashboard item to Tasks page
A deeplink has been added to the dashboarditem 'My not yet completed tasks’. This link refers to the Tasks page.

3 Solutions
In this release we offer solutions for several incidents our users have experienced.


3.1 Missing links on Proposal page
When the proposal term was set differently than 30 days, the proposal links disappeared from the Proposal page. This has been fixed, making sure valid links stay visible during the set term.

3.2 Display vacancy name with digits
Digits in vacancy titles, like Consultant 2.0, weren’t displayed correctly in the title on the Vacancies page. This has now been fixed.


3. 3 Error message when deleting employee
When deleting an employee file, an error message appeared noting that the removal of the employee was unsuccessful. This has been fixed. It is now also possible to delete an employee who also has a candidate file and vice versa. This means that both files can be deleted separately.