Release 3.6

On Thursday, June 11th we will release version 3.6. Deployment will start around 20:00 CEST and will last until approximately 23:00. The application will be available during this release. 

This release contains the following fixes and additional features. 

1. New


1.1 Disclaimer

After the first login a disclaimer will be prompted to all users. This disclaimer will inform you about the sensitivity of the data you will be working with. It also shows our privacy statement

1.2 Portal - Corporate identity

The portal has been improved to added more to the corporate identity. It is now possible to change colors, including the color of the letters. The colors can be changed in the settings menu 'Portal' in the tab Management. 


1.3 New Task - Homework

No, we aren't giving you homework, you can now create homework tasks in Mobility. It is possible to share these homework tasks with the employees that use the portal. Within this portal, the employee can now complete the task and upload the homework results. It is possible to register the time needed to complete the homework task. 

Homework tasks are the only task the employee can complete within his own portal. All the other tasks can be shown for information purposes. Just like the other tasks, homework tasks are also included in the replacement file. 

1.4 Documents and Tasks

It is now also possible to couple documents to tasks. These documents can be shown to the employee inside the portal. Document coupled to a task will be shown on the dashboard, within the employee's file and at the Tasksfile. The employee is only allowed to upload a new document while using the tasks of the type homework. 

1.5 Visibility of tasks

The task visibility within the portal can now be controlled per task. This new option is also available in old tasks. 

1.6 3 new icons at Tasks

      •  - This task is labelled as homework
      •  - This task contains one or more documents
      •  - This task is also visible for the employee in the portal

The visibility and document icons are used in all types of tasks. 

1.7 New fields Employee file

The following fields are added in the employee file

      • Education subjects - More then one subject may be coupled. 
      • Education level - More then one level may be coupled. 
      • Number of hours - Shows the number of hours the employee works. This field only shows whole numbers and no decimals. 
      • Executive - Gives the possibility to register the executive of the employee. The executive most be a contact person in the application. 
      • HR Adviser - Gives the possibility to register the HR Adviser of the employee. The HR Adviser most be a contact person in the application
      • Salary levels - More then one level may be coupled 
      • External code - With this field may be used to coupled external systems like AFAS and register the employee code. 

1.8 Functions and Targets


You may now register the functions of the employee. The start date, end date and what type of function some one did may all be registered in the employee file. The target group helps you find the right employees to start programmes with. 

1.9 Master data Targets

The new Targets is mentions above. Targets is also a new master data within Management. We will deliver this new master data with the following items: Re-integratie, Boventallig, Herplaatsing, Vrijwillige Mobiliteit. There are no translations available yet. 

1.10 Dashboard - Employee with Target but no Program

This new dashboard will show all employees with a target (register at one of the functions) but with no active program. This may be the result of manual adding a new employee or importing them with the new API. 

1.11 Dashboard - Employee without Target but with Program

This new dashboard shows the exact opposite of the dashboard above. It will show employees without an Target but with an active program. This may occur when employees start the program themselves, from the portal. 

1.12 Portal - Vacancies

The portal for candidates and employees has been upgraded to show vacancies. These vacancies are shown based on a selected set of publication channels. These publication channels may be selected at the portal management configuration. 

1.13 Portal - Registrations overview

The portal has also been upgraded with an overview for registrations on vacancies. All registrations from the employee will be shown in the portal (Candidates are not included at this time) 


We started the journey into the lands of API's. 

1.14 Employee API

A master source where all the employee data is stored? This information can be uploaded into Connexys. With the new Employee API every field in the application can be filled in one go. Smart use of the field 'External code' allows updating of existing employees in Connexys. 

Available REST calls: Get, Put, Post and Patch

1.15 Employee Function API

With this release, you may now register what function an employee has. These functions can also be added with the new Employee Function API, if this information is available else where. 

Available REST calls: Get, Post and Delete

1.16 Master Data API 

Our goals is to make the master data groups available with an API. This version of the Master Data API will give access to the following master data: Language, Countries, Marital Statuses, Salary level, Target, Travel times, Gender and Functions.

Available REST call: Get

1.17 Documents API

The Documents API is the entry point for all documents. The API returns an document ID which may be coupled to newly imported or existing employees. 

Available REST call: Put and Post 

1.18 Organisation API

The complete organisation structure can be exported with this new API. 

Available REST call: Get 

1.19 API Logs

All the API calls are stored and can be searched in the tab Management. The new menu 'API logs' has been added. 

2. Improvements


2.1 Additional info on the spot. 

On several location all around the application new 'Help icons' have added. These help icons  give additional information about the field or setting when your mouse hovers over them. 

2.2 Criteria - Match Vacancies and Employees

The module 'Criteria' has been improved. It is now possible to add criteria to employees and start a match to find the perfect vacancy. 

2.3 Registration right from the Search results. 

A new small, but effective button has been added to the search results. You can now start a registration for a vacancy right from the search results. 

2.4 Job alert - Internal only

The job alert has a new setting, Internal only. In combination with Mobility, Job alerts can be made available for employees only. 

2.5 Job alert - Custom URL's

It's now possible to add custom URL's for the job alerts. This makes advanced settings like deep linking possible. 

2.6 Publication - Custom URL's

It's now also possible to add custom URL's for publications too. This makes advanced settings like deep linking and redirecting possible.

2.7 Mimir Multiposting - Educations

For one of our multiposters, Mimir, a new education selector has been added. This makes publishing to jobboards arounds the globe possible.

2.8 Cost Centre

This new field, Cost Centre, has been added to all organisations. Previously this field was only available in the top domain organisation. 


2.9 Rendering of Tasks

The way tasks are shown to you has been changed. Tasks from inactive programmes are no longer shown. Employees with multiple programmes will have a filter option for you to select the right program. 

2.10 Communicate with Executive and HR Adviser

While communication a task to an employee, it is now also possible to notify the executive and/or HR adviser of the employee. They will be added as CC. 

2.11 Merge items Executive and HR Adviser

New merge items have been added to the template 'Mobility Task' containing the Executive and HR Adviser details. 

2.12 Merge items Employee

The merge items for the employee have been improved. Multiple options to show the name of the employee have been added. 

2.13 Merge item Time

The merge item time has been added to the list for the templates of Mobility Tasks. Time shows the time when the task will start. 

2.14 Search Employee - Last CV and letter

The latest uploaded CV and letter are now shown in the Search Employee search results. When an employee has these type of documents, you may now select and read these document while searching for the perfect match. 

2.15 Search Employee - Configuration

It is now possible to change the search filters for the tab 'Search Employee'. This is also possible for vacancies and candidates. 

2.16 Search Employee - Data protection

Data protection has been added to the Search Employee. The search results now only show the employees the user has access to. 

Data protection is not activated in standard application. 

2.17 Replacement file, more information

The replacement file has a lot more information to show. The following fields are now also included: executive, HR adviser, number of hours, salary levels, education levels, education subjects, functions (with function name, begin- enddate and number of hours) 


2.18 Vacancy Report - Advert costs

The column 'Advert costs' has been added to the report Vacancy. This new column shows the advert costs, when registered at the adverts. 

2.19 Vacancy Report - External fee cost

All the external fee cost, registered in the job offer of a candidate, can now be reported using this new column. The cost currency is not shown. 

2.20 Advert Report - Cost

The column 'Cost' has been modified. This column now only shows the numeric values of the costs and no longer the currency. With this change, you can now use this column in calculations and formula. 

2.21 Advert Report - Currency

The column Currency has been added to the report Adverts so you can still report about the currency of all the costs. 

3. Solutions


3.1 Change fields - Date fields unchangeable

Some times administrators could not change the date fields in the application. The fields did not respond. This has been solved, the date fields will respond again to your mouse clicks. 

3.2 Search & Match - Postal codes 

For our Dutch users, the letters in the postal codes caused more trouble then benefit. These letters will be removed when searching with a Dutch postal code. For example '3062 MB' will give the search results for '3062' (Rotterdam area) 

3.3 Search - search filter Registration date removed. 

The search filter Registration date has been removed. 

3.4 Search - search filters Candidate Yes/No or Employee Yes/No removed. 

The search filters Candidate Yes/No and Employee Yes/No have been removed. The tabs 'Candidate Search' and 'Employee Search' are now available. 

3.5 Criteria - Show the criteria

The way we show the criteria registered is now the same in all the files, candidates, vacancies or employee alike. 

3.6 Criteria - Loading the criteria 

When selecting a criteria, only the selected criteria would load and be shown to you. Now all the selected criteria will be shown, while the criteria tree will open up to your selected criteria. 


3.7 Search - Candidate deleted, still visible in search results. 

Some times, when a candidate was removed from the application, the candidate was still visible in the search results. This has been resolved. 


3.8 Employee becomes Candidate

In some cases the newly created candidate file would not open and reported an error when the person was also known as employee. This has been resolved. 

3.9 Phase not shown

While creating a new task, the phases coupled to the programmes would not show. This has been resolved. 

3.10 Employee Search added to the User profile Career Adviser. 

The tab Employee Search has been added to the default user profile 'Career Adviser'. Previously it was not available for the career adviser. 

3.11 Translations - United Kingdom English

The latest version of the translations for our English users. 


3.12 Vacancy Report - FTE field and FTE Saldo empty

In some cases the FTE and FTE Saldo numbers didn't show up in the vacancy report, even when it was available. This has been resolved.