Release 3.6.1

We would like to inform you that Thurday, August the 18th Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.6.1. We will start with the deployment at around 8AM and will last until approximately 10PM (CEST). The application will be available during this release. 

In this release, in addition to the usual fixes and improvements, the following fixes and changes will be carried out:



The following new functionalities have been added:


SSO for the employee portal
The option Single Sign On (SSO) has been added to the portal, so that mobility employees are able to use the portal without having to log on first. You do have to be logged on to your company network to be automatically logged on to the portal.

API playground available
Connexys offers several api’s (see release 3.6). These api’s make it possible to link with external systems. Previously it was only possible to test the working of the api’s on the production environment. During tests, data was immediately changed on the live environment. To prevent this, we have created a so called playground. This gives you the possibility to test api’s and see te results without it affecting actual data in the application.


Vacancies and applying in the portal
Vacancies can now also be published to the portal by selecting a specific publication channel. The available vacancies are shown in a vacancy overview on the ‘Vacancies’ page. Every vacancy shows the complete advert text and an apply form is also linked to the vacancy.

Apply form in the portal
You are able to create the apply form that is linked to the portal yourself in ‘Management’. The following things can be changed:

  • The fields that are shown;
  • The order of the fields;
  • Make fields mandatory.

Employee API - access to the portal
When creating or editing employees through the api, it is now also possible to note if they (should) have access to the portal.



The following improvements have been made:


Portal login also possible with login name
Besides logging on with your registered email address, it is now also possible to log on to the portal with a username. This offers users the possibility to change their email address without having to create a new account. A new password can now also be requested based on a username.

Portal multilingual
The portal is now available in four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. The automatic emails that are being sent from the portal are also available in these four languages.


Start date advert resets after copying vacancy
When copying a vacancy it used to also copy the old advert start date (to the own website). This has been changed. The advert start date is now automatically reset when copying a vacancy. The date the copy is made, will now be the new advert start date.


Fields added to the report ‘Programmes’
The following fields have been added to the report ‘Programmes’:

  • Salutation
  • Title (Title_lastname)
  • Nationality


In this release we offer solutions for several incidents our users have experienced.


Adding documents of 0 kb no longer allowed
It used to be possible to upload documents, like photographs or CV’s, that were 0 kb or, in other words, empty. When trying to delete these ‘empty’ files in the application, an error appeared. When you now try to upload an empty file, you get a notification, which makes it impossible to upload empty documents.

Selecting and searching organisations
When selecting an organisation (unit) during the creation of a vacancy, contact person or employee, it was sometimes impossible to search for an organisation (unit), despite clicking on the icon next to the field ‘Organisation unit’. This problem has been solved.


Information from the fields 'Skill' and 'Area of expertise' has been switched
The information from the fields ‘Skill’ and ‘Area of expertise’ in the candidate file, was switched in the candidate report. This has been fixed. The fields in the report are now filled with the corresponding information that is registered in the attributes of the candidate.

Merging candidate file with free fields
Merging a candidate file that contained free fields would sometimes lead to an error. The error appeared when a candidate file without free fields was being merged with a candidate file that did contain (filled out) free fields. This has been fixed.


Ticking off task on dashboard
Nothing happened when ticking off a task in the dashboard item ‘My not yet completed tasks’. This has been fixed. The task will now be shown as ticked off as soon as the dashboard has been reloaded.

Removing task from employee file
It was not possible to remove a task that had an attached contact. This has been solved, so that tasks with or without an attached contact can be deleted. The attached contact(s) will remain visible after deleting the task.

Unable to remove employee
During the removal of an employee file an error occurred preventing the file to be deleted. This has been fixed.

Removing programmes with attached phases
It was not possible to remove a programme from an employee file that had an attached phase. We have changed this so that the removal of a programme will also remove the attached phases from the file. The phases no longer need to be removed separately.