Solved: Malfunction 20th of August: Duplicate vacancies

Update 15-10-2015

This incident has been solved and has been made available for all users. If you experience simular problems, please contact us.

Update 12-10-2015

Release 3.6.2 launched on October 8th, did not resolve this incident. We are working on a new fix.

Update 2-10-2015

The next release 3.6.2 will solve this problem. This release will be deployed very soon. More information is available here.

Update 25-8-2015

We have located the incident that caused this malfunction. This fix will be available in release 3.6.1. This releasedate is not de will be available during this release. 

Currently, there has not been set a definite date for the release to become available. The expectation is that the release will take place in September.


Malfunction duplicate vacancies 20-8-2015

We are experiencing a malfunction while duplicating vacancies.

What is going on?

If you want to duplicate an existing vacancy via the action menu, you get an error message after clicking 'Save' after entering the vacancy name (and possibly the vacancy number). The error message reads: "Oops an error accured .." We are currently working at a solution and will keep you informed.

For more information and updates about this Release, we refer you to this article. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Connexys Support is always available for questions you might have regarding this issue/incident. You can contact us on telephone number 010 – 49 80 988 or via mail:</p>