Solved 6: Application incidents

All issues are resolved. If there are any questions, you can contact us on telephone number +31 10 – 49 80 988 or via mail:

Alle onderstaande incidenten zijn opgelost. Mochten er vragen zijn over de incidenten, neem gerust contact op met Customer Support. Wij zijn te bereiken op 010 – 49 80 988 of per ticket

Last update: October 14th - 11:55 CEST

We have resolved the incident with 'Groups' . The tab Workflow will now remember the selected candidates. 

Resolved updates: 

Currently we are experiencing a disruption in the servers. This incident will prevent users from logging in the application. When you are logged in, you may encounter incidents in the application itself. 

We are working as fast as possible to resolve this disruption. Any new information will be shared here. Thank you for your patience.

Solved: Update October 9th - 9:59 CEST

The application is operating at full speed again. We are currently testing the application. If you find any errors or incidents, please report them to Customer Support via ticket

Solved: Update 9 October - 9:13 CEST

Logging in is possible again. The application is slower then normal. We are working to resolve that. 

Solved: October 9th - 12:35 CEST

Currently we are experiencing an incident with 'Groups'. The tab Workflow forgets to deliver the selected candidates or registrations to the Group actions screen. This causes the Group action to fail. We are currently working on a solution for this incident. 

Group actions started from the Vacancy, Event or Talent pool does work as normal, you may start a group actions from there. 

Solved: Update October 9th - 17:00 CEST

We have discovered an issue with the automated proposals. All automated proposals are not send to the receiver. The technical team fixed this problem and send out all proposals after. All receivers will have received an e-mail with the proper proposals.

Solved: Update October 9th - 10:44 CEST 

We are experiencing an issue with interview planning. When entering the step 'Interview' the application might crash. This is caused by adding to many spaces in the date field. This incident occurs at users with an English, German, French or Spanish application.

Please use the date and time pickers to avoid this incident. We are working to resolve this. 

Solved: Update October 12th - 15:52 CEST

We are currently investigating incident reports with saving rejections, because of an error in the date field. 

Solved October 13th - 11:05 CEST

We have solved the issue with interview planning. The application will no longer break down when you wrongly enter a date in the date field.