Announcement: End of support URLs with HTTP

We want to inform you about the following: As of April 1st 2016, Connexys no longer supports URLs that are requested via HTTP.

Note: This change affects the way web pages are called upon. Changes should be made when HTTP is still being used. If all of the web pages already are called upon via HTTPS, nothing has to be changed.

What will change?
As of April 1st, all web pages are only available in HTTPS. This applies to all web pages, XML resources and iframes such as job listings, job detail pages, applications and other custom pages.

Why this measure?
Sending data over a non-secure connection (HTTP) is considered unsafe. Many of our customers already switched to HTTPS in order to improve connection security. We intend to improve the integrity of your data by decommisioning low-security connections.

What action do I have to take?
As a super user or administrator of your organization, we strongly recommend you to verify whether your web pages are using HTTP. You are recommended to change this as soon as possible or to instruct your webmaster to change the web pages accordingly.

What happens if I don’t take action?
Fetching vacancies (e.g. by requesting an XML feed or an iframe) over an unsecure HTTP connection can lead to errors, resulting in problems showing or updating job listings, job detail pages, applications and other custom pages.

If your career site is not hosted by Connexys, you are recommended to instruct your site manager to improve your site’s security settings.

How can I get more information?
Connexys Support is always available for questions you might have regarding these changes. You can contact us by phone: +31 (0) 10 – 49 80 988 or via e-mail: