Release 3.8.1: Improvements

We would like to inform you that Thursday, April the 28th, Connexys Fast Forward will be updated to release 3.8.1. We will be deploying the new application release between 8PM and 11PM. The application will remain available during this release. 


1. Improvements

The following improvements have been implemented:


A lot of work was done concerning Search. Unfortunately not much of these changes are visible to a user. Our developers have been working hard for two weeks, and you will benefit from their efforts in the near future. Several technical improvements will help you to get better employee matches in a shorter amount of time.


You know them, those lists where you want to select multiple values, but every time you select one, the list closes. Well, not anymore! We've changed the lists' behaviour to allow for multiple selections, so you can easily select multiple values in no time.

Let's take a look at the example below, selecting regions when creating a vacancy:

2. Fixes

The following fix has been implemented:


We're still working hard on our Webservice to make it as complete as possible. Unfortunately when making an omelette you have to break some eggs. We've found and fixed an issue concerning managers and their portal user accounts. The issue occurred when a manager was re-activated in the system, but an inactive portal user account was already present: a duplicate portal user account was then wrongly created. The new webservice includes validation rules to determine if a portal user account is already available. If so, it re-activates the present one instead of creating a new one.