(Solved) Disruption - Candidate and Vacancy search

Dear user,

At this moment, 18/07 around 12:00, there is a malfunction. More information can be found below.

This disruption concerns:
- Candidate search tab
- Vacancy search tab

What is going on?
Search, the module that regulates the search functionality for these tabs has crashed. We're currently rebooting the service, it's possible it's not stabl yet. We're currently looking into the cause of the crash.

Because of this crash multiple indexes have gone corupt, we'll restore these as soon as possible.

What can you notice?
When you navigate to one of the tabs, you'll get the message: "Service temporarily unavailable". This message will be shown as long as Search is offline.

When the service is available again, it's possible you won't see any results but instead a message "Oops. Something went wrong". This is caused by the corrupt indexes. We're going to remake these indexes, but this will take some time.

Is there a workaround available?
Unfortunately, there is no workaround.

When do we expect this to be fixed?
We expect Search to be online around 14:00.

With this article we'll keep you informed, our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Any questions?
Our support is available for questions. You can reach us at 010 - 49 80 988 or by e-mail support@connexys.com

Kind regards,


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    Richard de Witt

    Search is back online.