(Solved) Malfunction - Textkernel (CV parsing)

Dear user,

At this moment, 27/08 around 09:20, there is a malfunction. More information can be found below.


This disruption concerns:

- CV parsing
(the automatic data extraction)

What is going on?

Textkernel said to have a 'database-problem'. We are yet to receive any specifics. 

What can you notice?

It could happen that not all data is extracted from a CV. This goes for the application-form as well as within the application itself.

Is there a workaround available?

We're currently looking into the possibilities.

When do we expect this to be fixed?

Textkernel couldn't give us an estimate yet.


With this article we'll keep you informed, our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Any questions?

Our support is available for questions. You can reach us at 010 - 49 80 988 or by e-mail support@connexys.com

Kind regards,




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    Richard de Witt

    Just now, at 09:45, Textkernel informed us the issues have been fixed.