Disruption - vacancies possibly not visible on website ( 3 October 2016)

At this moment, October 3rd around 10 am, there is a disruption with our xml feeds. It's possible that your vacancies are not visible on your website. More information can be found below.

When do we expect this to be fixed?

At this very moment we're working on a solution. With this article we'll keep you informed, our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Any questions?
Our support is available for questions. You can reach us at 010 - 49 80 988 or by e-mail support@connexys.com


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    Carin Everaars

    A workaround is now implemented. Vacancies are visible again on your website. We are still working on a permanent solution to fix the problem which causes the disruption.

    When your vacancies are still not visible on your website, you can try to force to read xml again. Your webdeveloper can do this for you. The frequency in which the xml is (automaticly) read is different per customer.