Release 3.14: Interviews

The release 3.14 will go live on Thursday 1 February 2017. The exact time of the release will be announced at a later time and your application will be available during the release period.

For this release, we’ve addressed multiple bugs and are excited to announce a new module for hiring managers.


New module: Interviews in the managerportal

We’ve listened to your feedback and built an Interview module for the Manager Portal. If you’re interested in adding this module, please contact your account manager.

The new module contains:



In Management we've added a new setting: Manager Portal Interview Settings
From this screen, you can:

  • Enter how long an interview should be visible
  • Select how much of the interview history should be visible
  • Insert e-mail templates



We've added two new merge-items to the 'Interview' merge:

  • {interview_link}
  • {report_link}​

Both merge-items link to the managerportal. The first one refers to the interview itself, with all information about the candidate and the vacancy. The second refers to the function within the interview to insert or upload a report.


Master data

Interview locations

In Management > Interview location you can enter different locations where an interview will take place. Select the location and it'll automatically fill in the address when planning an interview. It's also possible to enter these locations in different languages.





In Management > Guidelines you can enter information about the interview. You can send these guidelines to the hiring manager and/or selection committee, who can view it in their Manager Portal.




When planning an interview within the application, you can now enter the guidelines and location mentioned above.



In the Manager Portal, the hiring manager/selection committee will see an extra tab: Interviews. The interviews are also visible in the Manager Portal Dashboard.

On the Interviews tab you can filter between:

  • Planneed
  • Action required
  • Completed


During an interview you can view vacancy information, candidate information, and any relevant documents. You'll also see your progress on the interview.


There's 3 steps you need to take to complete an interview:

  • Upload or type a report
  • Give your final review
  • Update the status

At this point, the process will be finalized by the recruiter.



New rule

We have added a new rule "All/No candidates with a registration in a talentpool."


Performance with big anonymisations

Large scripts, for example with 70 talent pools, will no longer cause performance issues in the application.




Logout button on iPad

The Logout button on iPad will now show properly.


Scrollbar in Internet Explorer 11

The scrollbar on the proposals screen in Internet Explorer 11 now works as expected.


Creating managerportal users

Newly created users will now receive an activation mail. When you have SSO enabled, the users will be automatically enabled.


Editing Contactperson-type

When you change a contact person from a hiring manager to the selection committee, the Manager Portal user will no longer be deleted.


API vacancyfeed

The API's vacancy feed will now correctly show Flex items.



Spanish translations

Spanish translations are now available in both the Candidate and the Manager Portals.