Release 2018.2




New Release Process

We've updated our release schedule to be on a monthly basis. This new release process allows us to more quickly bring you continual improvements. We've also updated our release numbering to be based on the year and month of release (2018.2 = Feb 2018).


Contents of Release 2018.2

This release we've fixed a number of bugs.

Bug fixes

Below is an overview of the tickets we've solved.


  • A HTML profile can now be selected for automatic e-mails.

Manager Portal

  • Timestamps will no longer be shown for bulk proposals.
  • Final reviews on proposals are now correctly shown.
  • The vacancy card will now automatically fill the organisation unit. 
  • Proposals are now labeled as proposals, instead of nominations.


Sneak Peek

The following feature is not included in this release but is coming soon.

Commuter distances

We're creating a module that will calculate the commuter distances for candidates. Based on the candidate and organisation addresses, and a setting for shortest (less km/mi) or quickest (time spent driving) route, it will calculate the distance and put it in a candidate's file when the registration is made.

As an added bonus, we'll be updating our webservices so the distance will be available for the personnel information systems.