Release 2018.10



Contents of Release 2018.10

General changes and fixes

Deactivating users

You can now deactivate the user without having to deactivate the contactperson. This feature is available on the user-management screen.

Date agreement privacy statement

The Date agreement privacy statement field is now visible and able to be filled out in the create candidate wizard.


We've identified and fixed several security issues regarding cross-site scripting and username harvesting.


New endpoints

We've added two endpoints to retrieve details on organisation units. For more information regarding these endpoints please see our API documentation. You will need credentials to access this documentation, to receive these credentials please contact

New scope

We've added a new JWT scope for the API, Retrieve candidate, which allows you to perform GET requests that will export your data in such a way that it can be imported into different systems.

Unit tests

We've created unit tests in our API to guarantee stability in this module.


We have recreated two anonymization rules so that they can now be combined with other rules. These rules are:

  • All persons where the only registrations that are in progress are open registrations older then X days.

  • All candidates where the registrations that are in progress are older then X days on one or more filled vacancies.