Release 2018.11



Contents of Release 2018.11

General changes and fixes

When mailing from your own domain, you can now choose to register users with an @ in their username.

The publication option everyone has been re-added to the visible for setting.


We've solved an issue regarding our login application.

Publication strategies

A new module which enables you to give an additional code to a vacancy for the API to pick up. This code can be set based upon Contracttype, Function, Region or Professional Field. Depending on this code a webdeveloper can take different kinds of actions.


Both the API and the Javascript form can now handle flex items from the registration file.


In the manager portal, proposals grouped by date or vacancy are not collapsed after the manager gave a candidate a reaction.

Whether a proposal's candidate is an internal or an external application is now visible on the manager portal proposals screen.


On the vacancy detail page, next to maximum hours per week, minimum hours per week is shown.

When a candidate portal user's person is deleted, the candidate portal user profile doesn't show a cv and a letter anymore.

The vacancies in the candidate portal can be ordered by publication date now.

In the candidate portal when an internal candidate applies for a vacancy, the candidate is marked as 'internal candidate' when his or her e-mail address matches one of the domains that are set in the candidate portal settings.

Closing date of the advert is now shown on vacancies in the candidate portal.