Release 2018.12



Contents of Release 2018.12



We've been investigating issues:

  • Threading problems resulting in unexpected behavior on customer data.
  • Cross-Site Scripting opportunities in multiselect fields.

Both of these issues have been resolved.



We keep finding improvements to our API thanks to your feedback. Several improvements and fixes will be implemented with this release:

An option "Always mail from selected user" is added to the mailing sets.
This option will allow you to have the mails sent from one user, instead of the responsible Recruiter.

By default all buttons will be disabled on submit of a JS-Form. The data-* attribute 'data-enabled-on-submit="true"' can be added to a button to prevent the disabling of the button on submit.
This enables the webmaster to have more control over button behavior.

Updated API and JS_Form to handle referral procedure.
With our initial release referral information couldn't be saved when a candidate registers, with 2018.12 we can.

In the Vacancy API it is possible to perform advanced filters on your results.
Basically, it is now possible to filter on any of the fields now.

On a Javascript form it is not possible anymore to proceed to the next page while cv upload or cv upload with Textkernel parsing is being processed.
Up until now it was possible to proceed, which resulted in unparsed documents, this was confusing for some of the candidates.



Multiple improvements and fixes will go live with this release:

In the manager portal, after closing popups, unnecessary closing of underlying windows is prevented.
It happened that multiple popups were generated, and that the windows below were closed. This has now been resolved.

Fixed list of values for flex items on vacancy sheet.
The counter was wrong and showed a higher number of possible values for a multiselect. If you clicked the popup button to see the possible values, the screen remained blank. Both of these issues have been fixed.

A bug is fixed now that solves the case that when customers don't mail from their own domain, manager portal login emails are sent from a Bullhorn address.
We've noticed our managerportal sent out some mail from the customer domain, without us having approval of the customers mailserver. We've changed this so we mail from a Bullhorn domain instead, unless of course the customer setting is enabled to mail from the customer domain.

Changed Dutch merge fields in English template to English and filled non-HTML text body in Dutch and English template regarding First Time User.
The First Time User template was empty for customers who didn't have HTML mail enabled. The english template also showed dutch merge-items, which resulted in failed merges. 

We've also been working on our Interview module, which we want to release soon as a beta to a select group of customers:

Regarding manager portal interviews, scores are changed from a 10 points scale to a 5 points scale.
10 points was just overkill.

In the manager portal, interview statuses are translated to the user's language.
The statusses used to appear in english, now they appear in the language of the users managerportal.

Buttons on the interviews page in the manager portal are styled correctly.
The buttons appeared as if pressed instead of clickable.

Incorrect text PDF file name fixed in the manager portal.
When saving a report, the file name wasn't clear. We've now chosen a name that suits the file.


Two small bugs have been found and resolved:

Solved problem saving updated desired criteria in the candidate portal.
Editing your criteria and then saving resulted in an error message. Now you can properly save your changes.

Removed deletion of HTML formatting in the advert text.
HTML formatting in advert texts were disregarded in some cases. Now we keep it neat and follow any HTML formatting you use in your advert texts.

Apply with LinkedIn

LinkedIn made some changes to their API, and we've adapted these and are now possible to handle both their API v1 and their API v2.