Release 2018.4



Contents of Release 2018.4

Release 2018.4 addresses enhancements and revisions to the API and the Managerportal.


General changes and fixes

  • When you edit a contactperson the selected visiting address and postal address no longer disappear.
  • The Connexys logo is replaced with the new FastForward logo.
  • Social links on the login page are adjusted to Bullhorn social pages.
  • The machine-readable export on the candidate can now export multiple documents with the same name.
  • In both the Candidateportal and in the Managerportal, users can now request their lost password by entering either their username or their email address.


Manager Portal

  • On the vacancy card, we now filter the contract types whether or not they are active.
  • If the language field is not on the vacancy card, auto-filling fields that depend on this field are now automatically filled in the users selected Managerportal language.



API and Javascript form

  • The response you receive from the vacancy-endpoint now contains the QuestionnaireId from the linked questionnaires.
  • Questionnaires are handled via the API by using Candidate POST and Registration POST requests.
  • You can add a UTM source on a registration for Candidate POST and Registration POST.
  • Candidate POST in the API returns a request body containing a HTTP status and endpoints with IDs that the web developer can use for further requests.
  • Web developers can now find a Postman collection with example API requests in our documentation.
    • Postman is an API client that allows developers to test our API.
    • Be careful: Postman is not a sandbox! Always perform your Postman API requests on the acceptance environment. POST and PUT requests actually do make changes to the data in our system!
  • Managing mailing sets is now available to superusers of FastForward.
  • Several fields on the Javascript form have been changed into radio buttons, so they can be set to required.
  • You can select a recruiter that is responsible for open registrations on each Javascript form.



  • The setting to export candidates via the webservice after an offer has been sent is now moved from AFAS settings to webservice settings.



  • Checking candidates on the Warning Register of the FAD organisation is now done the day after the interview registration, rather than the day after the interview itself.