Release 2018.3



Contents of Release 2018.3

Release 2018.3 spans and fixes many different modules.


General changes and fixes

  • We've added missing translations in the rights.
  • We've patched several security issues in our scheduled penetration tests.
  • The validation on the forgot your password e-mail field is no longer case sensitive.
  • Admins can prevent employees from editing the field 'Date acknowledgement privacy statement' using a new right we've created.
  • Professional fields is now copied as well when copying a vacancy.
  • The Candidate dossier now offers the ability to export candidate data in a machine readable format.


Manager Portal

  • The timeout has been reset to 6 hours.
  • The proposal counter no longer counts rejected candidates.


Candidate Portal

  • Mobile Android devices now show the Apply button.



  • New rule: All/No candidates with registrations from external offices.
  • Anonymization based on last contact no longer counts contacts related to anonymization itself.


API and Javascript form

  • The Javascript form field 'Drivers licence' is now a pulldown.



  • Rejection reasons are now shown in the 'Steps' report.



  • You can now insert and update multiple organisation's addresses with a PutOrganisationUnit request.
  • The GetHiredCandidatesByAfasId request is extended with the optional date fields 'from' and 'to', making it possible to filter multiple hires for the same candidate on a specified date span.
  • We've added a field to the webservice settings screen where you can enter a notification e-mail address for when the webservice or AFAS jobs fail.



  • The link directing to the Hire form is now valid for 7 days.
  • The field 'payroll tax credit' is now a pulldown on the Hire form.
  • Each initial in the Hire form will automatically be capitalized and have dot inserted after.
  • On the Hire form, we've renamed Favorite nationality to Most used nationality.


Test suppliers

  • You can now determine the level of the tests for PiCompany when a candidate has registered for an event.


Commuter distance

  • The webservices GetHiredCandidateByAfasId and GetHiredCandidates now contain the commuter distances when the commuter distance module is active.