Release 2019.2



Contents of Release 2019.2

General changes and fixes

The following has been released in Release 2019.2:

  • The latest version of Edge had an issue with rich-text boxes, this has now been resolved.



Within our API, we have done a few bug fixes and made several improvements:

  • We've improved the way unique candidates are recognized when applying through the API.
  • We've added a mapping of our vacancy's XML, API and application fields. This can be found in the API documentation under "Vacancy API User Guide".
  • We decreased API logging. We now only log if a response differs from the previous one or if a predefined amount of time has passed since the last one. This has been done to improve the performance.



The following issues have been resolved with this release:

  • You can add a vacancy's document and a flex item document to a vacancycard for the manager portal.
  • For clarity, we have now added an acceptance environment warning message when you are working in the acceptance environment. This is to avoid confusion whether you're on the Acceptance or Production environment of the Manager Portal.
  • We fixed an issue in the Vacancy Card, removing the dependency on Assistant Recruiters.


Furthermore, we have been working on the Interview module. The following issues have been resolved in the release:

  • After closing popups, unnecessary closing of underlying windows is prevented.
  • Interview statuses are now translated to the user's language.
  • An incorrect text PDF file name is now fixed. It had erroneous quotation marks, such as "Gespre'ks'verslag", these now no longer appear.
  • Some translations have been fixed.


Candidate portal

  • We fixed a missing translation on the candidate portal forgotten password page.



  • In the application and in the webservice, a field is added which indicates whether a new contract must be made for the employee
  • For our AFAS-connection, we fixed an issue with foreign zip codes.