Release 2019.3



Contents of Release 2019.3

General changes and fixes

  • The field 'Upgrade' is no longer mandatory for publishing with Mimir anymore.
  • If a candidate declines an offer and is later unsubscribed, the reason for declining the offer will remain.


Within a task which isn't a test, test-information is no longer shown. This also goes for mobility within the Candidate portal.

Manager portal

The following issues have been resolved within this release:

  • The button "First time login" can now also be used to activate your manager portal user account.
  • An issue that occurs when creating a manager portal user within the English version of the application is now solved.

We have also been working on the Interview module. The following issues will be resolved in this release:

  • The counter for the amount of interviews now works correctly.
  • When generating an interview report PDF, the overlay that was visible while the document was processed, has been removed.
  • On the interview detail page in the manager portal, empty reactions and scores sections are not grayed-out anymore.
  • A bug regarding saving the interview status after a reaction or score was edited, is fixed.
  • We have improved the performance of the interview section of the manager portal.
  • A bug regarding deletion of interview reports in the manager portal has been fixed.
  • The UX regarding (filled) checkboxes has been improved.
  • The merge-item {interview_link} now works correctly.

Candidate portal

The candidate portal has been changed with the following features:

  • Gender is no longer a required field for a portal user.
  • When you apply to a vacancy in the Candidate Portal, the form no longer immediately tells you there's validation errors for empty required fields.


We have added two new fields to our reporting tool:

  • Within the Advertisement Report the vacancy number has been added.
  • Within the Registration Report the field 'High Potential' has been added.