AFAS & FastForward

This article is only relevant for clients using the AFAS module.

Recently we have been informed about the fact that AFAS is rolling out Profit 7 and they are upgrading their customers to a version where 'The new way of logging in' is enforced. This upgrade within Profit 7 has consequences for the integration between FastForward and AFAS. This integration will no longer work once the Profit 7 upgrade is in place.

In case you have planned this AFAS-upgrade in the near future, please contact AFAS to postpone the upgrade!

We are currently working very hard on an upgrade of our integration and we hope to be compatible as soon as possible. We will inform you once when we have this update available.


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    Maarten Geul

    A small change has been made: It's not the general upgrade to Profit 7, but it is 'The new way of logging in' within Profit 7.