Release 2018.7




Contents of Release 2018.7

Release 2018.7 addresses enhancements and revisions to several modules, including Anonymisation and the API.


General Changes and Fixes

  • We've added the field Source confirmation privacy statement. This field cannot be edited by users but will respond to where the privacy statement has been agreed to. The values of this field are: Form, Portal or User.
  • Usernames can now be up to 75 characters.
  • We've changed how the default recruiter for open registrations is set. Default is still the first recruiter ever created, but this can be changed to any recruiter you want or the logged in user.
  • We've replaced the Google Maps API key.
  • The template will now stay linked when editing a Signal.



  • Added anonymisation rules based on whether a person is a(n):
    • Candidate
    • Employee
    • Employee and not resigned yet.
  • Extended anonymisation rule regarding our hire module to look at the statuses filled in or sent.
  • Anonymisation rules are now translated in English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • Fixed anonymisation database bug.
  • List paging on anonymisation settings is fixed.
  • More fields on employees, as well as questionnaires and hire data are now anonymised.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused a candidates next execution date to increase by more than 1 year upon multiple clicks of the button within the privacy settings in the candidate portal.
    • You can now set a template that is sent to the candidate who updated his or her privacy settings confirming this.
  • Persons can be anonymised again in case they have data that has not been anonymised yet.
  • Candidate and workflow overview pages are extended with a filter 'anonymised' with default 'no'.
  • Anonymised documents are no longer visible in the manager portal.
  • We've added a flag to our database that says if a person is anonymised or not. We've also changed most of the screens in the application to automatically filter out anonymised candidates, for example in the Workflow.


API and Javascript form

  • UTM source has been added to the Javascript form.
  • Candidate PUT and Registration PUT can now handle UTM source.
  • Publication ID is now filterable in the Vacancy API.
  • Automatic emails in the API now check the user setting to determine whether to use the company's mail domain.
  • In the API documentation, we've removed the description from the input field (placeholder).
  • All regions of a vacancy are now returned in the GET/vacancy/all response.
  • Base URL no longer shows company-based URL.
  • Javascript form demos in the documentation now clarifies the order of the scripts.
  • In the API documentation you can find a page that describes the default candidate creation flow.
  • Changed the logical order of the pages on the welcoming page of the documentation.
  • We've updated the JWT Authentication API documentation.
  • The itemClass of the following vacancy fields are changed from Long to Double:
    • numHoursPerWeek
    • minHoursPerWeek
    • oseMinimumSalary
    • oseMaximumSalary
    • oseBonus



  • We improved the speed in the managerportals proposals screen.
  • You can filter on proposal's registration status in the managerportal.


Test suppliers

  • PiCompany tests that raise exceptions on the PiCompany server get status 'error' instead of status 'open' now, such that they are not offered again.