Release 2018.9



Contents of Release 2018.9

General Changes and Fixes

The descriptions and the list of receiver options are updated for signals.

Candidates and employees are now created with default value ‘unblocked'.

On Vacancy search with Textkernel, we've removed the 'all vacancies' tab. On candidate search with Textkernel, we've removed the 'shared candidates' tab. We've also removed shared candidates and vacancies from the vacancy XML and the index.



We improved some minor things in the API documentation. We restructured the way you reach Demos and Examples in the documentation and have changed our example requests and responses to match real-life scenarios.

We've added the following fields to the Javascript form module.

  • 'Available by'
  • 'Indication of salary'
  • 'employee number'

We extended the documentation on the Vacancy API 'filter' parameter.

We created a new endpoint containing metadata of all the candidate's documents, and a new endpoint containing one candidate's binary or base64 file/document. This endpoint is secured by a newly introduced scope.



The webservice now allows filters on date and on a combination of date and time for GetHiredCandidates and GetHiredCandidatesByAfasId.

We added nested organization unit nodes to the GetHiredCandidatesResponse.



Manager portal users created by the webservice are now always activated and can use the new "First time login" option in the manager portal to receive the username and setup a password.

We have restored the link to the vacancy text on the proposal view in the Manager Portal.

In the Manager Portal, we are now only showing active values in the dropdown fields.



We introduced a new anonymization rule 'Only persons with one or more registrations on vacancies with status (<statuses>)'. We've adjusted the rule regarding 'fulfilled' vacancies.

We have updated the two anonymization rules that are generically applied to the candidate filter, so they do not anonymize too many subjects.

We have fixed all three anonymization rules that relate to Talentpools.