Release 2019.5



Contents of Release 2019.5

General changes and fixes

  • The batch action for candidates with a 'Suitable for function' characteristic doesn't fail anymore when the candidate already contains the characteristic from an earlier 'Suitable for function'.
  • Fixed a problem sending a person to Afas that has been sent before.
  • Re-implemented paste (from word) option in text editors.
  • Line breaks in a user's email signature are now applied on the email in the user's inbox
  • Indeed Apply receives the applicant name with first name en last name in one parameter now.
  • Removed the obsolete merge item verstuurNaarAgenda/sendToCalendar.


  • Updating a candidate with the API and with the Javascript form, sets a candidate to 'internal' when input 'employed by' has value 'yes'.
  • The Javascript test form on the acceptance environment has been fixed.
  • Threading problems within the API documentation have been solved.

A new feature is that you can now choose to send automatic "New registration" emails to recruiters and hiring managers as carbon copy (CC) to the assistant recruiters of the vacancy.


  • When creating or editing tasks, you can choose between 'duration' and 'end date'.
  • Sorting on the table 'other programme applications' has been fixed.
  • On employees and programme applications list views, you can now filter on anonymized employees.
  • When creating a task the default value for 'show in candidate portal' is empty from now on
  • Fixed an error when removing a task.
  • The delete button on programme applications has been fixed.
  • A programme (application) can now be indicated as a priority programme. The candidate profile now shows if a candidate has a priority programme.
  • Resourcebundles for employee's programme applications have been added.

Manager portal

The following issues have been resolved within this release:

  • Several small problems regarding the automatic creation of manager portal users have been fixed.
  • In the vacancy card, the original field name for the vacancy is now shown.
  • Character limit validation is added for vacancy card text flex items.
  • Inactive contract types are shown correctly in the interview module in the manager portal

We have also been working on fixing several issues regarding proposals:

  • In the manager portal, it is now possible to pin favorite proposals that are shown on a distinct tab.
  • In the manager portal on the proposals screen, you can choose to show all fields or only non-empty fields.
  • In the application, you can set all unanswered proposals for a vacancy as answered. They will then be visible under the answered tab in the manager portal.
  • In the application, with a setting in management and on a vacancy, you can choose to make a proposal's final assessment mandatory.
  • In the application, with a setting in management and on a vacancy, you are able to move proposals in the manager portal to answered in case the proposal has been reviewed by another contact person than the one logged in.

Candidate portal

The candidate portal has been changed with the following fixes:

  • A problem with deleting a candidate portal user that contains a job alert registration has been fixed.
  • Fixed a threading issue for the candidate portal.


  • We have added more fields to the standard anonymization
  • We fixed candidate portal anonymization when the portal user did not have a candidate attached to the portal user's account

Furthermore, we have added a new anonymization option (Called Anonymization Plus) to anonymize extra fields on top of the standard. This is an optional setting.